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Default [D-COMMAND] HELP#3 - Basic operation

i have a basic operation problem (not sure if this is because of PT8CS1)
Since I install PT8CS1, my D-Command's fader does not show channel name any more, it show fader value instead
It's support to show channel name and if I touch a fader, it change to fader value...
I have tried all the possibilities in the D-Command preference but still haven't found a solution.
Without a channel name, I am so so lost
Please help!
Looks like I'll post more Basic Operation help here :)
Thank you very much!

UPDATE: I have found the problem (it's not a problem as you know, just a stuppid newbie problem) I tried to delete this topic but I can't find a tool... so I keep it open, I think I'll need more help in the future, so I will post here
Thanks for your attention guys! and have a nice day!

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