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Default Re: can i use my v-drums with strike?

Hey Wolfy, I think your're missing a trick with this one.

In my store (Sound Control in Oxford St London) we sell many, many electronic kits and a big selling point, especially for the lower-end kits, is that you can plug into a DAW via MIDI and control some drum software to improve the sounds.

Traditionally, BFD was the major app for this, but Strike has made a serious impression on everyone and my colleagues and customers are all really impressed with it's functions and sounds. It would be a real boon to be able to say that you could simply plug in a kit to your PT rig and play away.

I don't think that Digi should paint themselves into a corner saying what Strike 'is and isn't'. It's a fantastic drum VI that seems to incorporate the best of what programs like BFD and GrooveAgent have to offer - why limit it's abilities or concentrate on only one area of it's application when you could simply sell the best acoustic drum plugin on the market?

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