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Default Re: Avid Audio HD driver / server glitch free yet?

could be with either hd native or hdx i would imagine...

i also can report that latency spec of recent hd drivers using logic DOUBLES.

a 256 buffer using logic pro X with a HDX card = 23.2ms roundtrip...

using the hd driver from pro tools 12.3.1 on mavericks is halved (or what i would call normal) for same buffer to 11.6ms roundtrip...

That is surely a decent sized issue .. i cant be the only one to recognize it.?

not only that if you use recent (12.8.3 - 2018.3) hd drivers for logic and try recording in logic the driver must report the latency incorrectly and randomly as the recorded audio lands in different areas of the timeline depending on mood. non of this happens with older drivers pre 12.4 etc

can anyone please tell me what sort of roundtrip latency Logic Pro X reports for a 256 buffer using the latest hd drivers? say 2019.6 or .5..

Please !!!! :)
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