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Default Re: Pro Tools HD Activation

Originally Posted by Eric Seaberg View Post
Sorry... didn't make that connection! I can wait as I'm still on 11 on our HDX2 system. My personal 'vanilla' license came through fine.

Thanks for the reply...
Yeah something has happened with some peoples HD licenses and they will come, just a bit of delay.

If you want to run a HD setup make sure you got the DigiLink I/O license as thats needed to run any HD interfaces from Avid and 3rd party,

So if you get a Temp license for HD and not the I/O license PM me or open a ASC support ticket so Avid can deposit a temp for that aswell.

And if you want a Temp HD12.6 let me know and I will get that for you. Sorry I was a bit direct in my response, just soo many posts and trying to merge them all hehe

All The Best and let us know what you need if trying out the HD 12.6 until you recieve your correct licenses
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