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Default Re: Bounce To Disk or Record To Track??? Audio quality...

Originally Posted by RWTV View Post
Hi all,

A question weighing heavily on my mind... (ProTools 8 user)

I have always chosen Bounce To Disk as my way for exporting finished tracks / stems / songs - however, a guy I've recently started working with says to NEVER EVER EVER do this and always Record to another track within the Pro Tools session itself - because the audio quality is 'better'.

Now, I've trialled this and I cannot tell any difference - but I have now read that in SOME cases, ProTools - if being pushed - will miss things in Bouncing to Disk...

Has anyone else got any experience in this and is there a definitive answer - it seems there is not one. Has Avid ever answered this conclusively??

Thank you.
I've heard this alot I'd like to know if its true to :)

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