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Default HD 10 No Boxed version no manual where can I get a manual HD10

Im looking for a boxed version of HD10 with a manual. You know that big book thats tells us how to use the dang program. and didnt the boxed version come with an ILOK (maybee maybee not)
Its pretty hard to lie around with my MAC PRO and 32inch monitor and study when I have time if there is no big manual book or what ever this is something that needs to be addresed. Studying and learning is of huge importance to all of us we need to be able to have a book like what was included with PT HD 8 maybe it came with HD9 I dont know. I truly hope this will still be included in HD10 or my progression and others will deffinatly suffer and stagnate if the future isnt as good as the past whats the point. I will trade in my HEAT plug in for it any takers
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