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Default Track limit or Dual Core Help!

First to start off with my setup:
Intel 2.4Ghz processor
1.5 Gigs of RAM
80GB Hard Drive
Running PTLE 5.3.1 with a DIGI 001.
This is a fresh install of Windows XP with nothing added. All other hardware is disabled (onboard sound, NIC...).

My first question is on the setup I have now. I am only able to get 24 tracks (with no plugins and my system stats look fine). Is there a way to get the 32 tracks out of this? I've done researching and I believe I have read 32 tracks IS possible, correct? These extra tracks would help out a lot! Also, I know I have read a way to cut down on track is to put all the drums into a stereo track. But, I can't because I'm running those into a single stereo track (from a TD-20).
Am I overlooking something and shouldn't this computer be good enough to handle 32 tracks?

Next question,
I have another computer...
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz Processor
2 Gigs of RAM
300GB Hard Drive

PTLE 5.3.1 with the DIGI 001 wouldn't run with this. Even with all other hardware disabled. I know I may not be able to run this with this setup but do the new DIGI 003 work with these processors?

I'm kind of new to this but learning fast.
Thank you in advance.
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