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Lightbulb Getting Started with Pro Tools SE

September 16, 2010

Pro Tools SE software is a new easy-to-use version of Pro Tools included with these products for Home Music Creation:
  • KeyStudio (was Avid KeyStudio)
  • Vocal Studio (was Avid Vocal Studio)
  • Recording Studio (included M-Audio FastTrack and Pro Tools SE)
And the newly updated M-Audio MobilPre

For more information, see the pages above, including "Full Features" and "System Requirements" for each product, and the Pro Tools SE software bundled with those products.

Pro Tools SE FAQ
For even more information, all in one place, this is where to go:

Getting Started with Pro Tools SE
  • Latest News
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Latest Version & Supported OS's
  • Interface Compatibility
  • Videos & Tutorials
  • Latest Drivers
  • FAQ's and Troubleshooting
  • Documentation & User Guides
  • Additional Support

About Pro Tools SE
Pro Tools SE software is only included with the product bundles listed above. It is not sold separately, available for download, or included with any other products.

Avid Audio Forums Registration Instructions
Technical support for Pro Tools SE is available on the Avid Audio Forums. You do not need to be registered on the forum to view posts, but forum registration is required to post or reply.

Registration on the forums is free. The forum currently has a separate registration database from the rest of the Avid websites.
  • In order to post or reply on the forums, you need to register on the forum if you have not already done so.
  • If you have never created an account on the forum, click on “Register” at the top left of the forum.
  • When you create a new account, you should receive an email confirmation to verify your email address, with a link to activate your account on the forum.

How to Post & Reply
You must be logged in to post a new topic or reply to a post. If you already have an account, the login area is in the upper right side of the forum.

To create a new topic, you must first choose the correct forum:Click on the “NEW THREAD” button on the top left and bottom left of a forum. To reply to an existing thread, click on that thread, and either click on the “POST REPLY” button in the same place where the New Thread button was, or click on the reply icon at the bottom right of someone’s post.
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