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Default Re: New PC recommendation?

Originally Posted by Suddenly Clear View Post
Sbs, thanks for all this info. Please let me know how you get on once the machine arrives and you've had time to test it.
Suddenly Clear, apologies for the delay responding.

I've had the PC for about 3 weeks now. It survived the transatlantic crossing just fine and has been working like a peach. It runs quiet even in my not air conditioned flat with an outside temperature in the 30s.

I've installed PT 2019.5, plugins and sample libraries and have been getting used to working on Windows after a 12 year spell with macOS.

To date, I've had no PT errors and while I've had the odd hiccup - a session stalled loading on Absynth, nothing that's repeated or been cause for concern. I'm using sessions at 44.1k and 64 samples, the lowest my MBox Pro 3 can run and have had no need to up the buffer.

I've not run DAWBench on the machine nor the RTL test I can't remember the name of. I may do so if I find the time but it's not high on my list of things to do.

I think it will take me a while to find the limit of what it's capable of and I'm happy with that, the machine is quick, as is to be expected and has been solid.
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