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Default Re: automatic loudness correction that can handle split stems too?

Originally Posted by Mike Thornton View Post
In my view stems cannot and shouldn't be delivered to loudness specs. The underlying principle of stems is that if you put them together in a session with the faders all at 0dB then you will get the full mix.

If you make the stems and components loudness compliant then gain changes will have been made and so when you put them back together the resulting full mix will not be as you intended and will not be loudness compliant.

My advice would be to produce a loudness compliant full mix and then output the stems that mix produced and do not worry that the stems are not loudness compliant. Only the full mix is to be loudness compliant, components like stems cannot and should not be delivered as loudness compliant as they are parts of the mix, not the whole mix.
That is exactly what the TS is trying to achieve. Apply the same gain to the stems as was applied to the composite mix. Only he is trying to find a plugin that can do it with a single press of a button instead of two.

Personally I measure how much I need to gain to be in spec and apply it to all deliverables so the stems together equal the composite mix. So that's 2 buttons, 1 for measuring and 1 for applying the +/- gain (which can be part of the print chain as well).
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