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Default Re: Can't make initial launch of PT 11

Recording to the system drive is likely just a waste of your time, your system is not close to being set up right with that. And a frequent sign of that is unpredictable flakiness--so don't be surprised if it has problems again, or falls over the first time you insert a few plugins (*especially* UAD plugins). Getting us the Sandra report might have illuminated other issues. Why are you wasting money on a nice Apollo interface and then connecting it to a misconfiguration system? At a minimum go buy a proper spec audio drive and stick it inside the PC on a spare SATA port. A WDC Caviar Black (rather than the lower performance Caviar Blue you have now) or an SSD like a Samsung 840 Evo or Pro are highly recommended.

You need to get you system set up to run Sandra reports, there must be some way to move stuff to it, USB stick or whatever and move the text report back or temporarily connect it to the network. You ought to just have Sandra on any PC running Pro Tools.
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