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Default Re: Can't make initial launch of PT 11

Originally Posted by mickeyrouse View Post
ACPI 64x board
AMD FX 4100 Quad Core processor
3.60 Ghz clock speed
4.00 GB installed memory
64 bit oper. Sys.
Windows 7 Home Premium
Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface
UAD 2 drivers
Universal Audio Apollo playback engine
455 G. Disk drive; 372G available
Perseverance has willed PT 11 to start. Can now create templates, insert tracks, record, playback, monitor existing track while recording add'l tracks w u detectable latency. Principal issue at present remains "drive name" even tho it is named with a name less than 11 characters, and the Elastic Music issue. Seems everyone else has the same problem. My install is approaching functionality now, so all that remains is for me to actually learn Pro Tools 11.
How critical is a single drive on a dedicated computer?
As has been mentioned here and at various pages from Avid - recording to the system drive is not supported. That you got PT to work at all is a miracle. Just because you apparently got it to work with Sonar doesn't mean it will work with PT. Tried Googling your drive and nothing comes up. That's why you still need to post a full Sandra report. How to do so is in the 'Help Us To Help You' that is at the top of every page here. The Sandra software is free so that shouldn't be an obstacle.

Also just having 4 gig of ram is a problem. You need to stuff that computer of your with as much ram as you can.

Does your computer have a TI chipset in the Firewire controller? That's pretty much mandatory. Have you updated the firmware in the Apollo?

What type of computer are you using? Laptop, desktop? Manufacturer?
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