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Default Re: Can't make initial launch of PT 11

ACPI 64x board
AMD FX 4100 Quad Core processor
3.60 Ghz clock speed
4.00 GB installed memory
64 bit oper. Sys.
Windows 7 Home Premium
Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface
UAD 2 drivers
Universal Audio Apollo playback engine
455 G. Disk drive; 372G available
Perseverance has willed PT 11 to start. Can now create templates, insert tracks, record, playback, monitor existing track while recording add'l tracks w u detectable latency. Principal issue at present remains "drive name" even tho it is named with a name less than 11 characters, and the Elastic Music issue. Seems everyone else has the same problem. My install is approaching functionality now, so all that remains is for me to actually learn Pro Tools 11.
How critical is a single drive on a dedicated computer?
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