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Default Re: Lost files in ProTools 9 over the years


So, these are recordings that were lost in the beer incident, but you have a bacup?
These are PT9 sessions that you can't access because you dont have any version of PT now?
And I understand that you don't want to buy PT.

I don't know much about PT First except what I read here on the DUC. But as I understand it, it's a very limited version, you are limited to 3 sessions at a time, it's cloud-based to some degree, it can only use plugins that it comes with, and many report problems (which isn't a surprise, as most come here for help with problems).

If you had access to a working PT rig of some kind for a period, this is what I suggest: open a session, select the audio on a track from 0.00.00 to the end, and choose "Consolidate" in the edit menu. This will create a single audio file in the audio files folder of that session, that you can import into almost any DAW. Repeat with all tracks, and since they all start at 0.00.00, they will line up perfectly in any program. (Of course, you open the Aduio files folder in the finder and "sort by date" and they're easily located.)
(Might sound like a lot of work, but you might actually select all tracks, and process them all in one step. You'll get a lot of silence in those files, of course.)

Now, if your PT9 sessions are set up as using SDII files, you will have to convert them to wav. SDII is as good as useless in modern systems. There are several ways to approach this, but probably the simplest way is to go to the regions bin, sort by date, select the consolidated files and export them as WAVs. (This is if you opened them on PT10 or older. If you open the sessions on PT2019, they will automatically be converted, as far as I know.)

I agree with Tom, I'd go for a 30 day trial of PT2019, provided, of course, that your mac is supported and up to it with OS version, memory, processor speed, etc. And you'll need an iLok, of course. And with everything set up, you'll be able to just "rent" a PT license for a month at a time, at any time.
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