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Default Re: Best Method for Windows to Mac Session Move?

On your PC do a Save Session In to somewhere on an NTFS formatted drive. That just makes sure all the session content is consolidated in the session folder.

You can then just copy that session folder to the Mac. Do that however you want:

Copying over a local network using file sharing or sftp, or whatever you want/can set up.

Or physically get a USB memory stick, format it exFAT. Drag the session from your PC to that stick, then on the Mac drag it to your working drive. Do not run the session off the stick. My favorite USB stick:

Or you can drop the whole session onto cloud storage (say Google Drive or Dropbox) and use that to move between systems. Copy the session to the local drive do not run it on the cloud drive. Creating a tar or zip compressed version and dropping that into the cloud helps avoid people doing that (and saves transfer time and space).

All this assumes you are not running *radically* different versions of Pro Tools on both platforms.

Make sure you have all the plugins available and installed on the Mac.

It usually is that easy. In very rare cases you might run into file or path naming issues, ask if you have problems. Be paranoid, keep stuff on your PC, keep any PC backups. Make sure you are making session backups on the Mac and they work OK.

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