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Default Re: i7 Builds - Specs and Results

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
11 more months and it will be 2010. We might not have flying cars, but some things just gotta go cuz it's had it's day. Time to move forward and advance. The old school stuff is slowing down progress and it's time to let go of it.

WHAT!! your car dont fly!!!!?????? my truck may not, but my computer sure is!!!!!

hardly any tweaking, no oc'ing or anything,

we got more specs we HAVE to incorporate for our i7 dverb test. with multicore threading on and off. this is making a difference in response and handling

with it off we have 4 processors in pro tools to choose from. the machine is more solid and MUCH harder to crash. initial testing and it is proving more hearty than the opteron even was, i wont commit to this till i really get using it, but impressive so far. my cpu is at 94% right now and it is still chugging along....slowly....but still going.

with mulitcore on, the machine is snappier for sure, but in pro tools WE CANNOT SELECT BETWEEN PROCESSOR AMOUNTS. 8 IS OUR ONLY OPTION. hilighted that cause it will come up again...... the cpu is not as tough and durable at this setting. at higher cpu usage the machine starts to lag more and cannot hold up. at about 89-90% it is about maxed out.

i am testing dverb 1 style, with OLD dverb (w/o chorus, from 7.4) max cpu's available, max cpu setting available, (95% w/o threading-90% with) and 1024 buffer setting and 24 bit-44.1k

multicore threading- 483 and still record 5 min.
w/o multicore threading-420 tough to call it here cause it does keep going, cpu at 94%, is lagging and sluggish, but wont stop!

more tweaking to come and will post parts in the next day or so. i have to have this ready for a session tomorrow and have a lot to do and little time to do it.

but so far so good!!

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