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Default Having issues with Satellite Link

Greetings. I'm currently having an issue with the latest version of PT10 and Satellite link. I've got two satellites, one HD Native system with Satellite Link, and another dedicated video machine running Video Satellite LE. When controlling it from my main HD3 system, all works well, but if I try to play it from my HDNative system, I get an error message about too much bandwidth or something. If I disconnect my main HD3 system and just run with the video, it works well too. Just the combination of trying to play back all 3 systems from the HDNative rig. Used to work fine pre-PT10, now it's all just crummy. :)

Any pointers on how to get this to work as it used to?

Thanks in advance.
Jamey Scott
Dramatic Audio Post, Inc.
Burbank, CA
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