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Default Re: iTeleport :: SC48 help

I'm not sure where the Google account comes in. I'm running a basic class C network at my venue with the SC48. I have a hardwired ethernet connection from an Apple Airport Extreme to the SC48. The SC48 has a hard coded IP address assigned to it so it doesn't change, ever. The router's DHCP range (automatically assigned IP addresses) is set so there is a batch of addresses that cannot get assigned to wireless devices connecting to the network. IOW, there is a small pool of IP address available to assign to devices (like my SC48) that should have a fixed address.

I merely enter the IP address I've assigned to the SC48 into iTeleport on my iPad or iPhone and it connects every time, no problem. Just make sure you password your SC48 some some slob with a VNC client can't get in and do something malicious at an inopportune moment.
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