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Default Re: Using multiple versions of ProTools??

Originally Posted by larsongs View Post
Apple said that I probably can't do split Partitions on my MBP & use 2 different OS's to run PT10 & PT2018 on each..
On the surface that Apple statement makes no sense, you should have asked them exactly why. Were they assuming you wanted to upgrade to Mojave and thought your MBP was too old? The disk was too small to repartition? I doubt any random Apple support person knows anything about Pro Tools. You are likely wasting your time contacting all these support organizations, if you want to do this you need to get heads down and sort this out for yourself by creating your own "compatibility table".

StudioLive users seems to be running on HighSierra, and I think it's an officially supported config, so again, you should have ask for and got details of any possible issues clearly sorted understood.

I'm not sure why you mention "Universal *Update*". There may be some complex issue there that I'm missing (like device firmware updates?) but to be clear you should not be doing any upgrades to just get to a dual boot system. You have a working OS, back everything up. Shrink that current partition on the drive. Create an additional partition (assuming that drive is large enough), install High Sierra or Mojave onto that, do full clean install of Pro Tools 2018/2019, ILM, plugins etc. onto that partition. Even better test this by installing that whole new setup on an external SSD and then clone it back to a new internal partition after testing it works OK.

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