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Default Using multiple versions of ProTools??

Ok, I have a mid 2012 Macbook Pro with OSX 10.8.5 running PT10.

CPU - 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i7

Memory - 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Disk - Macintosh HD

Graphics - NVIDIA GE Force GT 650M 512MB

MacBookPro Mid 2012

OSX 10.8.5


I have another Thread on the Forum re; upgrading to PT2018..

I wanted to keep my PT10 get a new Computer & run PT2018 using my PreSonus 16.4.2 Interface.

It was suggested I upgrade my RAM to 16 Gig & I could possible do split Partitions & run both....

I've been Ping Ponged back & forth between 1. Apple, 2. PreSonus & 3. PT Tech Support ( I'll refer to them as 1,2,&3) & am running into several Issues...

First I did a System Back up to an External Hard Drive. Then upgraded to High Sierra only to find out PT10 won't run on that OS.

I called 1,2,&3 & it's sounding like I can't run 2 partitions on my MBP with 2 different OS's & both versions of PT.. Also PreSonus may not work with both. Either on one Computer with split Partitiions running both Platforms or with 2 seaprate Computers each running seaparate Platforms.

I want to keep my lifetime version of PT10 on my MBP but would also like PT2108. It looks like I have to get a separate Computer to do that... Further it's looking like I have to get a separate Interface too...

I've been accused of making things really complicated... Can anyone offer a possible simpler suggestion how to accomplish my goal?


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