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Default Re: Could use a shortcut for soloing the track while in a playlist lane

Bump and +1

I was just going thru playlists and realized how sad it is that we don't have this yet. Even worse, soloing a playlist with the mouse predictably and correctly leaves the track solo'd, while soloing a playlist with shift-S inexplicably unsolos the track.

I'm also disappointed--correct me if I'm wrong--that there's no shortcut for cycling thru playlists. You have to make a selection first, and then cycle. That's cool and useful, but it'd be nice to skip the selection part in some cases.

Originally Posted by b1daly View Post
on a related subject, I would really like a mode where moving up and down the playlists would have the solo follow the selection. So you wouldn't have to move the selection, then set the solo to follow (shift S).

If this was the case, shift S could be bound to solo just the track as OP is looking for.

Anyone else wish for this?
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