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Default Layered Layouts: Something Old, Something New

Let's take a look at an option with Track Layouts that you may not have explored previously which has been around from the very beginning of S6. I've created a very simple session composed of Blue tracks 1-16 and Yellow tracks A-H in order to demonstrate this functionality. Let's set it up and then you can observe the flow on the Master Module touchscreen.

We start on the Tracks page by touching Assign to enter assign mode and then clearing all of the existing tracks from the bottom destination track scroller. Next, we've selected tracks A, B, C, and D then touch destination strip 1 at the bottom to place those 4 tracks linearly in the layout. Press Store to bring up the Layout Storage menu where you will see slots 1-4 are already occupied with layouts. Now before you intuitively touch block 5 to store this collection of tracks to a layout, examine the yellow borders around the tracks in the destination scroller. There are 16 slots here (plus joysticks) since that is what I currently have configured using the preference Number of Strips in Layout (1-256) which you can find on the Tracks page > Local options (gear menu).

I'm now touching destination blocks 5-16 to deselect them from the layout storage. These blanks will no longer be part of my layout. Next, touch block 5, give it a name - "A-D 4", and hit Store one more time.

Now let's change it up slightly to show the contrast. Press Store again to bring up Layout Storage menu once more. Now, let's use the default behavior which is to leave all 16 destination blocks intact and selected. Hit Store, give it a name - "A-D All", and Store once more.

Let's now touch Recall and choose Layout 1 which is named 8 Full. It's a simple layout which contains numeric tracks 1-8. Next, recall the layout in slot 6 we called A-D All. You see that all of the 16 slots have been replaced (including blanks) with the tracks from that saved set. Go back and load layout 1 once more: 8 Full and we'll show the new behavior. Now recall layout 5 which is named A-D 4. Observe the destination scroller. The S6 has overlayed tracks A-D on top of layout 1 obscuring tracks 1-4. However, since we deselected everything downstream from A-D, those do no get covered up by downstream blanks like they did when we recalled A-D All. Here's the Master Module:

There are a few different ways to take advantage of this functionality. You may want to start with your master start Track Layout and then simply swap in smaller chunks of faders on top without, for example, replacing slots 1-8. Since I have a split Fader, Main, Fader configuration, my start layout is at least 16 channels wide. I can easily build layout chunks that can be layered into channels 9-16 for example.

One last thing. New to version 19.5 is the option to have S6 automatically store every distinct bank setting for each different layout. This can be found under Settings > User > Layouts > Layout Banked Position on Recall Mode. The option I'm describing is called Update Global Banked Position to Stored Position. A bit of a mouth-full. What this means is that any layout I recall, I can bank around then recall a different layout. S6 is always going to remember and bring me back to the exact banked state for each different stored layout.

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