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Default Re: What happens if I DON'T upgrade to PT11 before December 31st?

Originally Posted by Josh Voyles View Post
Not to get off topic, but I also upgraded on the 9th without problems. You can purchase from Sweetwater always knowing that they are there to take care of you.

I think the previous poster ran into issues because he first made a transaction in the Avid store. I tried to upgrade through the Avid store but the site told me I did not qualify and I was not able to complete the purchase.

I forwarded myself to Sweetwater and the transaction was super smooth and instructional.

(I do not work for Sweetwater, just a happy customer.)
Took your advice and bought

Went through the registration and now I have pro tools 11.

Extended thank you ! You've made my week!

Crossgrade / upgrade from pro tools 8 LE mbox 2 mini to pro tools 11 is still available 20/01/15 via sweetwater.

Edit: for anyone wondering all you need is the serial of your mbox 2 device (back of device on white sticker)
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