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Default Re: No Patches or Sounds available in Xpand2 (only lists None)


For Mac users, I thing I sorted this out.

(note : English is not my first language so I hope everything is "understandable")

I had the same issue with PT10.3.6 and Xpand2, MiniGrand and Boom always asking me to locate the samples.

I sum up things here for PT11 users also :
(and maybe some tips could help windows users also, I don't know)

************************************************** ************
To solve preset issue with Pro Tools 11 UNDER OSX
************************************************** ************

Go to Preferences/Operation and set correctly the ROOT path for Pro Tools Settings (IO Settings, Session Templates, Plug-ins Settings, etc) in the User Library part (left corner of the Preferences window).

On Mac, this location should be in "/Users/[username]/Documents/Pro Tools".

PS : On Windows if someone could tell the default path I can edit my post later.

************************************************** ************
To solve preset issue with Pro Tools 10.3.x UNDER OSX.7.x / OSX.8.x / OSX.9.x
************************************************** ************
(EDIT : not needed anymore, Avid adressed this since Pro Tools 10.3.8)

This is not an issue (except for Xpand2) but :

1/ Open ANY plug-in and
2/ clic on the arrow on the right of Preset choose " Setting Preferences/Set Root Settings folder "

On Mac, this location should be in "[SystemHD]/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-in Settings"

3/ If it doesn't work with Xpand2, the name of the Xpand2 settings subfolder must exactly match with the name of the Xpand Plug-In instance seen in Pro Tools plug-in list (not the .dpm name), including Caps.

3a/ example : if you plugin name is " Xpand2 " you must rename your setting folder " .../Plug-in Settings/Xpand2 " (not " XPand2 ", nor " XPand2! ")

3b/ Or you can
- save an empty plug-in preset in Xpand2 -> it will create the folder with the right name
- then go to "[SystemHD]/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-in Settings" folder you should see 2 or more Xpand2 folders (ie : XPand2, Xpand2, XPand2!)
- one is empty (or just contents 1 preset) this is the right one (created just above) -> should be " Xpand2 " (not " XPand2 ", nor " XPand2! ")
- make a copy of the content of one of the other XPand2! folder to the correct " Xpand2 " folder
- delete other unused XPand2 folders

PS : 3/ doesn't occur on OSX.6.8 (don't know for OSX.7.x)
On Windows, if someone could test this (if this issue also occurs on Windows).

************************************************** ************
To solve .big location issue with Pro Tools 10 UNDER OSX.7.x / OSX.8.x / OSX.9.x
************************************************** ************
(EDIT : to add Mavericks (OSX.9.x) instructions and more details)
EDIT : Avid addressed part of the issue during Virtual Instrument installation process (using the latest "Avid_Virtual_Instruments_10_3_Installer.dmg" installer)

*** If you do NOT move the default location for the .big files, you should NOT have the issue ***

After installation, plist files containing the .big locations are located in the System's Preferences folder :
[System HDD]/Library/Preferences/
Content :
com.digidesign.Boom.plist (=> used by 'Boom.dpm' to locate .big file)
com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist (=> used by 'MiniGrand.dpm' to locate .big file)
com.digidesign.Xpand2.plist ('Xpand!.dpm' plug-in actually does NOT use this plist file to locate its .big file)
Note : Those files are missing if you do NOT install the sample library (.big files)

For xpand, .big file's location is actually in the User's Preferences folder:
[System HDD]/Users/[Login]/Library
Content :
com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist (=> do NOT originally content the .big file location)
com.digidesign.xpand!.plist (=> DOES content the .big file location)
This folder (User Preferences) and its plist files can content the .big location if you want to move sample libraries (see below).

=> if you have some issue :
- try to repair the disk permissions of your System HDD, using Disk Utility (Applications/Utilities/Disk
- try to see if the plist file actually holds the correct .big file's location or not (you can use Preview to see the plist file content), see examples at the end of this post
- try to relaunch "Avid_Virtual_Instruments_10_3_Installer.dmg" after repairing permissions

*** If you moved the .big files' location and/or you didn't fully re-install the .big files during installation (only the plug-ins) ***

=> Original System's Preferences's plist are NOT created.
=> If you try to locate with the plug-ins, plist files are created in the User's Preferences folder but are not correctly updated (location is either empty, or the plist file is corrupted). You have to edit the plist file manually (see below).

2 options to do so :

** If you already installed Pro Tools 11 **

You can duplicate the .plist files of Boom, MiniGrand, Xpand2 and Boom created with Pro Tool 11 :

(Note if you already located .big files in PT11 before, you can skip step 1/ to 4/)
1/ open Pro Tools 11, create a new session and create 3 instrument tracks with Boom, Minigrand and Xpand2
2/ for each plug-in open the plug in GUI, it should ask you to locate ".big" file, clic on browse and locate the correct .big file path. (-> this would
3/ normally, you should have some sound
4/ save your session and, IMPORTANT : close Pro Tools (-> this would create .plist files for each instrument)

5/ locate .plist files in
(if you don't see "Library" folder in your "username" folder, in the Finder go to the menu "Go To", hold on alt key and Library should show up in the list)

Then you must DUPLICATE those files (cmd+D) :
com.airmusictech.Mini Grand.plist

Rename copied files to :
com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist
com.digidesign.Xpand!.plist (or "com.digidesign.xpand!.plist")*
(be careful, there is no number 2 on this one)

6/ IMPORTANT with Mavericks (OSX.9.X) : you must restart your computer to be sure .plist file's modifications are applied correctly (restart BEFORE launching PT10 and Virtual Instruments, otherwise, you'll have to redo everything)
With Mountain Lion, you can skip this step.

7/ Now open Pro Tools 10 and open the session created before -> AIR Instruments should locate .big file straight away (no location message anymore)

** If you didn't install Pro Tools 11 yet **

(Note if you already tried to locate .big files in PT10 before, you can skip step 1/)
1/ do step 1/ to 4/ but with Pro Tools 10 (-> will create .plist files for Boom, Xpand2 and MiniGrand)
(IMPORTANT : do not forget to close Pro Tools BEFORE editing .plist files)

2/ You need to edit those .plist files located in :
(if you don't see "Library" folder in your "username" folder, in the Finder go to the menu "Go To", hold on alt key and Library should show up in the list)
If you still don't see pref files, try to look in [SystemHD]/Library/Application Support/Preferences/ folder

3/ Then you must edit those files (with an xml editor, not Textedit) :
com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist
com.digidesign.Xpand!.plist (or "com.digidesign.xpand!.plist")*

3a/ (not recommended) you can use "Prefedit" utility ( which isn't free
It will locate all preferences of your system.
BE CAREFULLY, any change is made live (no save) so prevent from changing anything in other preferences than 3 plist files above

- locate "com.digidesign.Boom.plist" and double-clic on it to open its content (it should be empty)
- clic on "add child" (or right-clic / New Entry) -> it create a new item
- double clic on "new item" (Property Key field) and rename it "Content"
- the type field should remains "String"
- Value field should content the folder path containing Boom.big (ex : /Volumes/SAMPLES_HDD/AVID/Boom)
(Boom.big mustn't be included here)

Do the same with the file "com.digidesign.Xpand!.plist" (or "com.digidesign.xpand!.plist")*

For MiniGrand, you cannot edit the file com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist (except purchasing PrefEdit, or using an older version)

3b/ (recommended) Or use an XML editor and edit those 3 files :
EDIT : I recommend to use TextWrangler (v4 or 5) as a text editor. It is free and will refuse to save a bad formatted xml/html file in case of syntax errors.

com.digidesign.Mini Grand.plist
com.digidesign.Xpand!.plist (or com.digidesign.xpand!.plist)*

Example with Boom and Xpand, you should have only the header :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
You then need to add those 2 lines after <dict> mark (the path is the same example as 3a/ above, you must fill it with the folder path containing Boom.big) :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
With MiniGrand, you have more lines but, it is the same, you also need to add the same 2 lines at the beginning just after after <dict> mark.

4/ IMPORTANT : Restart your computer (Mavericks Only).
(NB : DO NOT simply Logout + Login. A full reboot is needed here)
With Mountain Lion you can skip this step.

5/ Now open Pro Tools 10 and open the session created before -> AIR Instruments should locate .big file straight away (no location message anymore)

*depending if your System HDD is case-sensitive or not (try with or without case in the filename if it doesn't work)
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