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Default Re: Manual Delay Comp Problem

Originally Posted by 25ghosts View Post

OP was refer. to Recording Overdubs. NOT INSERTS...

OP's topic IS very viable and SHOULD be fixed for third PTY interfaces.

Why dont you just add a feature like the HW Delay so that a usr can manually enter a WISHED for value that EVERY overdub should be advanced in time....

This feature would be great for the many HD users using Apoge interfaces etc...

And quite frankly, I dont see how this could be a huge issue. Especially since most other DAWs are already featuring this.
Just to clarify - all devices that use ASIO or Core Audio driver should automatically report their delay via the driver to Pro Tool, which then compensates for that.

The only delays that should need to be compensated for are ones that have no way of reporting to Pro Tools directly - hardware inserts or devices in the recording chain. Most analog devices have zero delay and most external digital hardware devices have delays in the order of a few samples.

We are aware of the usability problem that is caused by not having user-definable record delay compensation and will look at ways to possibly improve this in the future.

HD/TDM with interfaces other than Digidesign/Avid is a slightly different story, since there's no 'open' protocol for devices to be able to report their delays, which is why all the compensation doesn't work properly with Apogee, Lynx, etc.
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