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Default Re: LE to HD quality difference

Originally Posted by Shan View Post
You've provided many of us with much entertainment the past few days so I'll officially sign off from this one knowing that your inaccurate information regarding HD and LE has all been corrected here for any future reader. I love you, have a beautiful day, and sleep on this for tonight.

first of all, i located the following recent photo of you, and i was wondering if you could autograph it for me [if its not too much trouble].


next, i have concluded that you are definitely an evil hobo. either that, or you have fallen under the spell of an evil hobo [perhaps hobo tom, or one of his engineers/underlings].

i can discern your hobo-dom by the way you disingenously say you love me, and then wish me a beautiful day. you see, its much the same as the way most evil hobos act when one does not give them a dollar [to buy more wine with]. they always say, "God bless you", and "Have a blessed day", and other such things, just to make people feel guilty for not buying them more wine or heroin.

so you do not love me, do you? you have love only for your pro tools le system. and your graphs and screenshots and stuff like that.

yes, we know that you and your pro tools le loving hobo companions have your evening get-togethers where you give each other courtesy work-arounds, trying to bolster hobo confidence in the "le way".

next, as i thought i already told you, you keep proving my point with your posts. you have to zoom in much closer than you have on your screenshots. then you will see that le is not sample accurate. you are being deliberately misleading with your screenshots.

you have to zoom all the way in to where you can view the zero crossings.

so your screenshots don't prove anything, except that you have spent a bunch of time making screenshots. hmmm.

furthermore, by your own admission, even with your kludge routing workaround, you cannot "turn off" only the input latency compensation or only the output latency compensation.

that it what you need to be able to do, and that is why the superior hd system provides for it.

moreover, of great significance, and as i already explained, even if some le system was compensating for its interfaces, or trying to, then you are stuck with the pro tools le hardware, which is a complete non-starter.

so, gather 'round all of you, and behold the mighty, fearless HD, destroyer of all other daws.

the mighty HD knows no fear. it fears not logic, nor pyramix, nor nuedo, nor radar.

the mighty HD is a friend of all, and brother to the tape machine.




BEHOLD THE AWESOME "HD" [hobo destroyer]!!!!!