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golli 01-23-2020 06:03 AM

Can not get signal into PT
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good day. I'm working with a fresh install of Mac OS 10.14.6

I have UA Apollo x16 & 8p. To get 24 ch. of I/o

Everything works and looks good in the UA world signal goes where I want etc. but nothing into PT.

Ben Jenssen 01-23-2020 04:59 PM

Re: Can not get signal into PT
Hi, golli.
I have no experience w/UA hardware, but since no one is contributing here, I'll take a shot:
It looks like PT is recognizing your I/O's from your screenshots.
What about UA software? Usually gear like this has software installed toghether with drivers, that lets you route, mute, set levels and so on. Do you have UA software in your applications folder?

Southsidemusic 01-23-2020 06:51 PM

Re: Can not get signal into PT
We run 4 Apollo X Series interfaces and our i/o doesn’t look like that.

In i/o try deleting ALL ins and outs and make sure you delete inputs and outputs and Aux pages and then press default on all the tabs as in UA world the main outputs are called Mon Out L/R by default so try that and in UA Console make sure you are in PT mode in setup i/o so there are 32 in 32 out and not the default 36/34 in/out.

I am just looking at our setup so you might have done all this and just making sure, not trying to make you feel like a noob ;) (I’n swedish) so hope you take this as help even if you already are super familiar with all this. We have no idea what anyone here knows or not :-)

SummersN 01-28-2020 11:07 AM

Re: Can not get signal into PT
Your i/o screenshots don't seem right to me, is it really a fresh install and clean default settings?

Darryl Ramm 01-28-2020 11:24 AM

Re: Can not get signal into PT
My first question would be have you given Pro Tools “Microphone” permission in systems preferences>security and privacy>privacy? Widely discussed on DUC in the past.

And as always, double check Pro Tools has not switched playback engines on you. Check setup>Playback Engine or hold down ‘N’ while starting Pro Tools.

If stuck...

Start with ignoring the UAD boxes/software and get Built-In Output & Microphone working as an aggregate device.
Get one UAD box working by itself with the other physically disconnected.

Hopefully you already know that you dual UAD box setup will be linked to 32x32 IO and you may need to mess with the console to get the physical IO on those boxes you want to use within the first 32 IO seen by Pro Tools.

golli 01-29-2020 02:11 AM

Re: Can not get signal into PT
Thanks everyone. And Darryl Ramm, the " Microphone Permission" thing did it. Everything is working now. I did not know about that feature, and would have thought maybe the opposite would apply. But having it checked, made PT get the signal from UA hardware. Now we can go ahead with full recording glory.

Thanks again guys.

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