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ms3north 02-07-2020 08:47 PM

(2)S1s+Dock-(2)iPadPro12.9&ipadAir10.5-only (2) iPads Connect
I am adding a second S1/iPad, but Eucon will only recognize one tablet or the other, but not both.

I have: Dock w/iPad 10.5", and (2) S1s w/ (2)iPad Pro 12.9"

All Firmware up to date. Control v19.12.1.3 on all 3 iPads. Eucontrol

With All controllers turned off and all iPads turned on and running control, all 3 iPads have the basic (blank) screen showing with the Econ symbol with red triangle on it, and the Mixer-Tracks-Channel-Meters-soft Keys-Monitoring menu bar at top, with transport controls available at the bottom of the screens.

But in the ALL SURFACES window, only the 2 iPad Pros are listed. But if I turn off Control on all 3 iPads and then restart Control only on the Dock iPad, I see it in the Surfaces window available to add to My Surfaces. OK, so I'll turn on one of the S1 iPads....OK. I see that one and so now I currently have (2) Avid Control iPads available in All Surfaces (I have not yet dragged anything into My Surfaces). And so far, I don't have either of the S1s or the dock turned on. I start up the app on the 2nd iPad Pro (s1#2) and though the app loads on the iPad, it is not listed or available in the All Surfaces screen. (however, I could see it there if I turned off the iPad 10" on the dock and then restart the app on the iPad Pro#2 again. Then I will see it and won't be able to see the one on the dock. It's one or the other! Now if I turn on both S1s and the Dock hardware, I will see them in the All Surfaces window.
Basically, 3 controllers and 3 iPads, but I can only see 5 things available in All Surfaces window. (2) iPads and (3) controllers. Everything is on the same network and like I have described, individually I can see each one, but not together. And which ever one I CAN see is not interfering with the 3rd iPad. I can always see 2 of the 3 iPads running control. (and the app starts and displays on all 3 iPads at the same time.

Please tell me what setting is apparently different or colliding between these 2 iPads!!

The goal here is S1Left, S1Middle, DockRight w/iPad Pro 12.9 on each S1 and iPad 10" on the Dock with the Dock being the "master" where I can see all tracks or focus on a channel, etc. The S1s should display the first 16 tracks in order, and the iPad Pros should just be corresponding meters.

Thank You for any expertise offered!

EddieJones 02-08-2020 07:24 AM

Re: (2)S1s+Dock-(2)iPadPro12.9&ipadAir10.5-only (2) iPads Connect
Can you do this and let me know the answer. Run each Control App separately so you see it in the All Surfaces list on its own. Then highlight it and click show info. What is the Mac Address of it? Do this for all 3 iPads and let me know.

ms3north 02-08-2020 11:20 AM

Re: (2)S1s+Dock-(2)iPadPro12.9&ipadAir10.5-only (2) iPads Connect
Good Call. They are sharing the same MAC address. FA-2A-90-14-CD-B5
Now how do I change one??

I think this happened because when setting up new iPad I cloned the other one and then it did a restore from iCloud for the apps, etc. So basically, it thinks the new one is the old one and they can't both have the same MAC address.

Good Call. But I do still need to know how to change the address on one of them - if anyone could tell me.

Thank You!!

ms3north 02-08-2020 02:00 PM

Re: (2)S1s+Dock-(2)iPadPro12.9&ipadAir10.5-only (2) iPads Connect
Just to be clear - two of them share the address FA-2A-90-14-CD-B5 and the other has an address of 07-0C-28-C6-OC-AF.

EddieJones 02-09-2020 08:21 AM

Re: (2)S1s+Dock-(2)iPadPro12.9&ipadAir10.5-only (2) iPads Connect
This is our problem I think. The release next week should fix it.

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