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bairtracks 11-13-2000 02:04 PM

Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
Today I got in the mail an offer to "upgrade" the analog monitor board in my Pro Control for $395. This "upgrade" is actually a hardware fix that fixes problems with the original design. These include popping switches, bad signal-to-noise ratio and a low-powered headphone amp. I brought these problems to the attention of Digidesign customer service, and was told that they knew about them, but could not help me. I can not believe that I am now being asked to pay for a bug fix, after spending $10,000 on the product (not including the 2 expander units, etc.). Up until now I have been extremely pleased with the products and services I have gotten from Digidesign. This should be a free upgrade, with apologies for the badly done first attempt. I hope they re-think this.

PTPerson 11-13-2000 04:14 PM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
This is news to me!! (not the part about the noisy buttons, lame headphone amp, and the "NOT" mute button so to speak).

Again....more money for fundamentals

What's the story I wonder


roykamen 11-13-2000 04:43 PM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
I TOTALLY agree. Digi... I'm a REAL long time user - from the Cue Sheet days....
I have to pay for a poor design fix?

JKD99 11-13-2000 09:41 PM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
I agree too! It's not an upgrade, it just makes it work like it should have in the first place! Puhleeeez! http://www.digidesign.com/ubb/images/icons/frown.gif

Joe Milner
Puget Sound
Los Angeles

nerdlinger 11-14-2000 07:45 PM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
Does anyone know what gets replaced in this "upgrade"? Is it just a circuit board, or the whole monitor section? My Main volume control is real right heavy at any position below 9:00, and I'd be thrilled if the "upgrade" fixed it.

Also, what about the reversed polarity on some outputs? Do I have to change my wiring?

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houser 11-15-2000 12:46 AM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"

I have to chime-in and agree with the above.
Digi are usually pretty fair IMHO with upgrades
but this one is bad press...
Or just don't call it an "upgrade"...but a bug-fix.

Janne A.

Will Russell 11-15-2000 05:15 AM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
Personally, I think it's outrageous that we've been suffering through clicking switches etc and Digi expects us to pay $400 to correct defects in a $10000 piece of gear! I used to support most Digi upgrade policies, but we're really getting hosed here. I'm pissed!

Digi, how can you possibly justify charging for a "bug fix" on your flagship controller?

Will Russell
Electric Wilburland Studio

John McDaniel 11-15-2000 08:19 AM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
One wonders how the "Platinum" level of service that is included with the ProControl purchase figures into this issue. Platinum status has gotten me advance replacement of a ProControl at no charge in two instances. I think that it's supposed to mean free access to the "senior technical staff" on the Axxess Line although you can't get in on that line without first putting up a credit card. My experience with credited Axxess charges has been haphazard although I haven't called that line in a very long time.

later, jrm

Camilo Orozco 11-15-2000 09:22 AM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"
Not an Upgrade!!! a bug fix is the correct term. It should be free!!

gk 11-15-2000 10:48 AM

Re: Monitor Board \"Upgrade\"

Let me see if I can help you see Digi’s point of view behind this upgrade...

When ProControl was first released in 1997, we created a spec that included a very high quality signal path in the analog section. It had to be robust enough to cleanly pass transient peaks from the 24-bit DAC outputs of the 888|24, offer pristine audio quality, low THD, SNR, etc., while offering a flexible routing scheme. The original analog section does all of this very well. The basic performance specs are good and have been well received by most of the several thousand ProControl owners to date. However, after receiving feedback from our users both internal and external, we decided to improve the design to get rid of the occasional small switch pops and clicks, improve the crosstalk spec and adjust the gain scaling of the headphone amp circuit. We wanted to take a good design and make it even better.

So, now for the upgrade. Please understand that we can’t simply retrofit every ProControl ever sold for free, that's not a good business practice! As products mature, it’s normal for sustaining engineering to implement improvements, but rarely does it mean a complete retrofit of an entire product line. Yes, we are using the new board in current production units. However, we feel it is fair to ask current users to pay $395 for the upgrade because it is a replacement for what they already have that has always worked as advertised. Many users will choose to remain with the current board (our customer support lines don’t ring off the hook with dissatisfied users). The cost for the upgrade is well below our cost to produce it. We wanted to offer this in good faith that those of you who chose to upgrade would appreciate the fact that we are not making money on it.

This probably all sounds like marketing hooey to all of you, but it is not. We have an obligation to move forward and stay in business to keep bringing you great products. It would be great if we could offer eternal parity for free, but that is never going to happen with any manufacturer.

Hope that this helps some of you to understand, and thanks for listening.

Gannon Kashiwa
Product Manger – Control Surfaces

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