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MADMIKE34 03-14-2013 07:17 AM

Roland td-6 midi issue with pro tools 8! Please help!
Hi everyone, my name's Michele and i'm from Italy.

This is the first time I write in the forum because until now you all were very useful with you threads, but I think this time the question is a little bit tangled so, here I am.

I will not hide my lack of knowledge of the world of MIDI, having previously interacted quite traditional microphone recordings..so I think there's surely something that I miss.

I'm trying to use a Roland TD-6 to play with EZDrummer on Pro Tools 8.5 LE. I've got a Digi 002 Rack sound card, and a Windows XP SP3. I created a MIDI track, a Stereo Aux in which I activated the insert EZDrummer, and a Master Fader. On the MIDI track by clicking the button under the word "region" all I get is a box called "MIDI 1" where can I find a set of patches, and aware of not having clear about the purpose of this window I select 10 and confirm, assuming it is the device ID of the drum machine, which is on the Roland Device ID 10 in fact.
Basically I can not see any input signal, despite the led "MIDI IN" on the front panel of the Digi blinks to every stroke of the pad. In Pro Tools, after I assured I've checked "midi thru", i check my control devices midi input in setup ---> --- MIDI> Input Devices, and the list is completely empty. Well, I go to the section Setup, Midi, Midi studio setup, create a new instrument, manufacturer, model, etc., in the "input port" the only option is "none". In the MIDI track, the only input is "All" and the only outputs available are VSTW DFH Sampler, Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Emulation] and Sint. SW Microsoft GS Wavetable [Emulation]. then I check on Setup, Peripherals Synchronization section in which the MTC Reader and Generator are configured. The button in the reader port shows only "Any" and MTC Generator allows VSTW DFH Sampler, then find the section Predefined Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Emulated], Sint. SW Microsoft GS Wavetable [Emulation]. In the "Machine Control" I tried to enable ID 10 as a machine control master and/or slave but I did not get results, in the MIDI controllers can not select anything from the "recive from", is always "none", change controller in the "send to" there are always VSTW DFH Sampler, MIDI Mapper Microsoft and others.

If imposed on the MIDI track output VSTW DFH Sampler, Channel 1, then I can not choose the same menu for input of 'Aux, or rather, the plug-in section, the "DFH Sampler VSTW-Aux1-Insert a" is obscured, I can not select it.

I've tried everything, but can not figure out what to do.
Then I also saw that on Winxp, from the Control Panel, Sounds and devices, in the "MIDI music playback" there is nothing but Sint. SW Microsoft GS Wavetable [Emulation]. Having no familiarity about it I'm really confused and I need help!

Using Pro Tools 8.0 LE (with upgrade to 8.0.5), a Digi 002 Rack, Windows XP SP3 (AMD Athlon Dual Core 4000 +, 3GB RAM)

I thank anyone who can help me figure out where I'm wrong, though in my ignorance I have seen many other people who can set things up and see especially peripherals are plugged via MIDI, here it flashes only the LED on the board, it does not happen nothing else!

I wanted to clarify that for the type of use to which the midi drum is designed (to give only the silent signal,to being processed by the plug-in) I just connected the MIDI cable from the MIDI out/thru the controller to the MIDI In of the Digi 002. Assuming I do not have to send output data to the control unit, since the process is done via DAW and I have to take only the shots of the pad! I was wrong to see it as well?

Thanks again in advance, and sorry for my English!

albee1952 03-18-2013 07:33 PM

Re: Roland td-6 midi issue with pro tools 8! Please help!
First, I think you are over-complicating your setup. To use the Roland kit, all you need is a stereo instrument track with EZdrummer inserted in the top slot. Enable record on the track and play the Roland kit. You SHOULD be hearing the plugin drums(if not, then maybe its a midi driver issue). Now go read my reply here: http://duc.avid.com/showthread.php?p...06#post2016806 for more help:D

MADMIKE34 03-21-2013 08:56 AM

Re: Roland td-6 midi issue with pro tools 8! Please help!
Great!! This helps me so much! In the meantime i bought an USB-MIDI cable to interface the roland TD-6, but I had some compatibility issue and i'm waiting for a reply from the technical assistance. Thanks again!

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