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Nashville Bass 01-06-2003 07:53 AM

The future of Apple/G5?!?
I just read someone on another board posted that they just heard a rumor that the next gen onG5s will not have PCI slots.

Has anyone else hear of this? And what does it all mean you think? Is this part of the stratigy to solidify Apple with Logic somehow?

tdmaniac 01-06-2003 07:57 AM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
check out macrumors.com , they have some cool predictions that turn out to be true sometimes. There were even rumors that they would drop motorola.. check it out and see for yourself.

tdmaniac 01-06-2003 08:00 AM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?

this one is saying apple might be teaming up with amd in the future.

Slim Shady 01-06-2003 04:24 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
take it somewhere else guys... mac rumors has their own forum, if you wanna talk about bogus rumors, do it there. Do some research too, if you believe everything you read, I've got a bridge I wanna sell you.

soundboy69 01-06-2003 05:58 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?

Originally posted by Slim Shady:
take it somewhere else guys... mac rumors has their own forum, if you wanna talk about bogus rumors, do it there. Do some research too, if you believe everything you read, I've got a bridge I wanna sell you.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I can understand that Mr. Shady would like to reserve the bandwidth for Digi related items...but since one cannot control others, if you don't want to read this, take yourself somewhere else...after all, you can control yourself, can't you... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

dcornutt 01-06-2003 06:57 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
The G5 (motorola) is no longer mentioned by Motorola..and Moto has been agressively trying to sell off their cpu division over seas for almost a year now. The only thing they have on the "plate" are small incremental speed bumps..with very minor revisions to the current G4 line. About the same kind os progress we've been seeing for the last 3 years. That can all change of course...but..that's what it's looking like so far. All information...documents..etc..for the G5 were pulled last year. Nothing has been heard about it ever again. Even MOTO execs...said not only was it not on the plate..it wasn't even on their radar.

The IBM power4..unlike the G5... currently is in development. How long that takes..and whether Apple decides to use them or not...is well....another thing. I wouldn't necessarily say..that because an alterntaive that appears better exists..that apple would naturally want to use it. I'll put it this way...It would not "shock" me..if apple went the next year without updating the cpu at all...or...just a 1.3 or 1.4 ghz G4 update late in the year..that was just patthetically anemic. They've been doing that for the last 3 years!!!..even with sales showing down turns the whole way. Why wouldn't they repeat the same behavior again?

According to apples own financial guidance...they have written all the bad sales off to just global downturn in the market. They didn't even acknowledge that their G4 was in DIRE need of a makeover. I th ink they did say..that there was a "perception" in the market place that the pro line was slow. But, their implication was..that it was NOT slow...and that everything was hunky dory...just not selling well in current market.

So, you can never under estimate Apple for stupidity either.

AMD and OS X...is an old story. Apple has kept an OS X on x86 project going since the beggining of OS X.....just to keep things "open".

Basically..this would be totally impractical on the consumer front...all apps would have to be rewritten..etc...it just wouldn't fly.

But, nonetheless..it's on the sidelines..continuing development.

I wonder what those people must think..who get to play with those dual AMD clawhammer boxes...running OS X..looking out the window at the rest of us running Motorola spin boxes?

I bet it's....daaanggg....if I only had some apps to run!!!..hey..somebody throw some more water on the case...SSSssssssss.

audiobob 01-06-2003 07:03 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?

Originally posted by ibne:
yes, mac will discontinue pci in g5. their new system will be called conex. conex is a fire-wire type of system but way faster. but no worries apple is aware of pci centered systems and they will also release conex pci boxes which you will connect to the conex input of the new mac g5 and install all your (pro tools, avid... etc.)pci cards to this box. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">ibne, where did you get this information?

dcornutt 01-06-2003 07:14 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
ditching PCI is just a little too far fetched for me [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

I think your confusing a "new" product..with what's already out.

double data rate firewire is speculated to make it's arrival (or announcement) tomorrow..along with some new "digital portable" device..

Conex (Conix)...was the name of the company apple bought to obtain their opengl library for mac a long time ago.

Couple that with the "hint" about the new product being related to pushing pixels around on the screen...and you start to get something that might make some sense.

But, removing PCi from powermacs...in the present enviornment would not just be shooting themselves in the foot...but in the head. I just don't think that' s even close to being a possiblity. But then ..? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

And as I explained above...the vast overwhelming evidence is..the G5 is "dead"...as of last year. Gone..Poof.

So, there won't be a G5 either. There may be a "preannounced" IBM Power4 for summer? But, I think it's waaay too early for that.

If you want my bet..I'd say...Steve doens't even "mention" the pro line towers at all. Nada. Zippo. Just ride out on a wave of iapp glory.

I don't know guys..just seems like to me..Apple is really grabbing at staws wiht this one. But, we'll see. Whatever this new gadget is....it will either be GREAT...or it will be the biggest flop since the itoaster (cube).

I don't know..apple must be sitting there thinking....hey..since we can't get the towers up to speed....that same G4 in a pod portable would haul friggin butt! That's a great idea! Lets make this cool like iparty portable..for movies and audio..etc..that also has built in nav system..so you can party down...on the road. G4 might be just powerful enough to run it. What do you think? ...S. Jobs: "Is it blue?"

Makes you wonder sometimes.

soundboy69 01-06-2003 07:34 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
Well, it hasn't been "officially" announced or anything, but check out last months PC Mag...looks like IBM will pick up where Motorola is leaving off...IBM's (kinda') new chip is even called a "PowerPC"...just sharing something I saw a couple weeks ago...who knows what's really going to happen... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Slim Shady 01-06-2003 09:31 PM

Re: The future of Apple/G5?!?
Thanks dcornnutt and soundboy69 for adding some real facts. The point of my original post was that the real information is readily availble out there if you take a second to look - I just hate to see crap rumors propogate on an informative board such as this one - there's a lot of folks out there who will take what they read here as gospel and it could adversly affect their business. If you wanna make stuff up and swap predictions (I'm all for it) just do it in the right place is all I'm suggesting. I'm just looking out for the little guy [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] .

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