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wolftone 04-29-2005 11:18 AM

Compact Selected
After streaming 24 tracks of 24bit/44.1 audio from a Hard disk recorder into ProTools from a live recording, I would like to REMOVE unwanted audio between songs from the session. The session size is in excess of 50 GB, so in the interest of time and disc space, I would like to do this WITHOUT COPYING OR CREATING ADDITIONAL AUDIO FILES. (Without using 'Consolidate Regions', which creates NEW audio files).

After separating and deleting regions of unwanted audio between songs, doing 'Select unused regions', 'Clear Selected'-> 'REMOVE' from session, I would expect the 'Compact Selected' command to break the existing audio files up so that the remaining audio files match the remaining regions in the session. The 'Compact Selected' command does not appear to do this you might expect...

So how can you conform your session audio files to existing regions when 'Compact Selected' does not appear to break up the audio as you might expect. Is there any way to accomplish this without creating addional audio by selecting regions and doing 'Consolidate Regions'?

PT HD TDM v6.7 (XP)

priorytools 05-02-2005 02:20 AM

Re: Compact Selected

The proccess you have followed is correct. . But Tools does create new audio files which match your trimmed regions, then deletes the originals. . You might find that there is not enough space left on your drive for this to be done.

What exactly is happening on your screen when you try this ? What response does Tools give you ?

O.G. Killa 05-03-2005 10:13 AM

Re: Compact Selected
one thing I was always doing wrong with consolidate, I would select the regions in on the tracks themselves. Consolidate would then do nothing. You need to select the whole files that pertain to the regions on the tracks. Consolidate them, and it will chop them up into the regions on the tracks.

It does seem counter intuitive and I've never liked the way Consolidate works. It took me a while to figure out why sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't.

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