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Studiomeijer 12-27-2003 01:36 PM

Crashes with audiosuite P.I.
I have my doubts about the stability of Protools 6.2.2 under Panther 10.3.2. Ik keep having strange crashes without warnings. Crashes on opening a new session, crashes when I want to apply an audiosuite plugin, crashes when adjusting Plugin parameters. I run Protools HD on a new G5 double pr.with a control 24. Anybody have suggestions, anwers. Thanks guys (and girls, if so).

Danny Caccavo 12-27-2003 03:47 PM

Re: Crashes with audiosuite P.I.
Sounds like you may have some plug-ins that haven't had a PACE update. Please refer to the following, from the ReadMe and the compato page http://www.digidesign.com/compato/osx/g5/

Warning: Updating Pace-Wrapped Plug-Ins

Due to a recently discovered PACE copy protection bug, some users may experience instability and/or crashes when launching Pro Tools, opening a session, or dismissing a trial-period dialog if any Pace-wrapped third party plug-ins are installed. The fix for this bug is in the latest PACE drivers included and installed automatically within the Pro Tools software installer. Updates to all plug-ins are also necessary to prevent instability and/or crashes. All plug-ins supplied with the Pro Tools 6.2.2 installer have been fixed. To determine which plug-ins are affected, we have included a utility which will scan your Plug-Ins folder and list all plug-ins that need to be updated. To use this utility, just launch the "Digidesign Plug-In Validator" application located in your Pro Tools Utilities folder. If any of your non-Digidesign plug-ins have not been updated, they will be listed in the display window. Please visit the Web site for the manufacturer of any affected plug-ins and download the update (if available), or ask the manufacturer when one will be available. Even if you do not have updates for all your plug-ins, instability will only occur immediately after adding or removing a plug-in from your Pro Tools Plug-Ins folder. After the first crash and subsequent reboot, you should not see any further problems, unless you then add or remove plug-ins from the Plug-Ins folder.


echase11 03-01-2004 02:51 PM

Re: continuing audiosuite crashes
I have the same problem with audiosuite, both with 6.2.2. and now 6.2.3, and all of my plugs ARE up-to-date.. (brand new HD3 Accel/dual G5 2ghz,1.5 gigs ram). It seems worse than it ever was under OS9---back then I was only having 2 or 3 crashes per day; now it's more like 6 or 7. Almost always, audiosuite is the culprit, whether I'm previewing, processing, or simply selecting a plug. Some plugs are worse than others---Speed and GRM tools are particularly bad. I was really hoping they'd get around to fixing these issues under OS X. Almost every PT user I know has had these same audiosuite crashes for years. At least they don't typically lock up your whole machine.

I also sometimes get an extremely annoying message, usually when trying to use audiosuite gain or pitch: "This plug-in will only process 48 channels at a time..etc" or some crap.

Anybody have any magical solutions to the constant audiosuite crashes?

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