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Pawan 08-20-2019 04:47 PM

Vocal Recording
Hi, I am new to Protools. When I am recording vocals, I have to manually bypass all my inserts / sends like Reverb, etc or the vocalist hears his vocals with the effects while recording. My input monitoring button is set to Off. Not sure if there is a global setting to turn off all effects when recording?

albee1952 08-20-2019 07:32 PM

Re: Vocal Recording
No, but there are several ways to get what you want. Here's a few"

#1-my preferred method): Create a separate headphone mix by adding a AUX send to every track ad routing that to a separate set of outputs to feed your headphone amp(details on your interface, computer and experience would likely get more details on possible solutions). Simple turn the sends on the FX tracks down or off so little or no FX goes to the headphones(this assumes your main outputs are also feeding headphones now).

#2-If your reverb/delay plugins are on the vocal track, do what most of us do and put those effects on AUX tracks and use a send to feed the vocal(or whatever) to the AUX(IOW, reverb/delay effects are best used on AUX tracks).

#3-If you only have one set of outputs(so you can't create a separate headphone mix), You could assign all your AUX tracks with effects and then make a group of them. Add a VCA master to that group so you can bring all effects down with a single fader or mute.:o

More details on a separate headphone feed: You can choose to make all the HP sends Pre-fade(so you can have full control over the HP mix). If you do this, work with session templates and create one(or several) with a decent HP mix already dialed in(I had 6 stereo headphone mixes out of my tracking template that were so well-tweaked(before the player/band plays a single note) that I rarely spent more than 1 minute to tweak(even for 6 players).

Option 2 would be to make all the HP sends Post-fader and set to -0. Doing this will make the headphone mix sound the same as the main mix(but you can turn effect tracks down on the mix). Many singers actually want to hear a little reverb in the phones:-)

JFreak 08-21-2019 08:48 AM

Re: Vocal Recording
The industry standard for creating a monitor feed is to send necessary stuff as PRE fader from some aux send to some physical output. You just need to learn this stuff by having cans on your own ears

JFreak 08-21-2019 08:54 AM

Re: Vocal Recording
Oh, and a golden tip: set the send of your artists mic to unity and ask the artist to turn up the volume comfortable enough to hear own voice. This will save you from the "more me" hell which never ends when you need to take acoustics down and more snare and then perhaps little more rythm and then acoustics up again.. and "more me" 😁 point being you never touch the send of the artist as it stays in unity, that's why the volume control is for. Everything else is related to the artist mic

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