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akhafaji 12-07-2019 09:57 AM

Sync HW Question?
I’m using Apollo x8 with protools.
Sometimes I got a request from the singer to lower the tone in the session so he can sing without the need to push himself in the high notes.

I know how to do this With avid HD Omni and sync HD in protools?

My question:
Is there anyway to do that using the Apollo only with the same quality?
If not:
Can Apollo used with avid sync HD to do that?
Is this function/ application can be only done in protools or it can be done in other DAWs?


LDS 12-08-2019 01:58 PM

Re: Sync HW Question?
It sounds like you are using the sample rate of the Sync HD to slow down playback? If that is the case, as long as the Apollo has a word clock input you should be able to use the Sync HD to do the same thing - but you will need to use the front panel to change the settings. Another option is the Apogee Big Ben which also allows varispeed.

albee1952 12-08-2019 05:20 PM

Re: Sync HW Question?
There are a few options for this;

#1-use Elastic Audio and lower all the pitched instruments by 1 or 2 steps(undo this after the vocal is recorded and shift the vocal up to match).

#2-bounce a 2-mix at 48K, then import that to a blank session at 44.1K(without sample rate conversion) and record the singer. Export the vocal and bring into the 48K session and adjust pitch.

#3-Bounce a 2-mix and import back into the session>use Serato Pitch 'n Time to lower the 2-mix. Mute(or make inactive) the rest of the tracks until you get the vocal recorded.

#4-I'm sure there's at least 4 ways and maybe more:D

My 2 cents; doing this may deliver varying results. Lowering/raising by 1 or 2 half-steps might be "okay"(depending on how picky you or the singer are) and there are plugins that can alter the formant to get closer to "correct". After 3 half-steps(or more), its likely that the results will not sound good. I often work with inexperienced singers that are not savvy on where their range really is and they try to sing stuff that is just never going to work. In those cases, I recommend that they alter the melody to sit within their actual range(instead of the range they "think" they can sing:eek:)

JFreak 12-09-2019 01:09 PM

Re: Sync HW Question?
Better to not mess uo with sampling rates. Just do a 2trk bounce and have a pitch plugin take that 2trk down as much as needed. You will also know how much to compensate later.

Of course would be nice if the singer could sing...

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