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KFPCalvin 04-11-2012 05:08 PM

Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
Hi there, I'm new(ish) to a lot of this, and would greatly appreciate a bit of help from people who know quite a bit more than I do haha, so if I just explain my situation currently, it'll probably be easier.

I currently am using Pro tools M powered essentials, with the original m-audio fast track interface, which for me has done the job.

Now here's my pickle.

I found out recently about the student version of pro tools 10, which as I am studying my A levels currently, I'll be eligible for, which is available for around 210 pounds.
I was also looking at purchasing the fast track pro, with M-powered 9 software, for around 130-150.

I would like to be able to record more, for example, a drum kit, but obviously, the more XLR inputs an m-audio interface, the more the price starts to rapidly increase, and with only being able to use m audio hardware with m powered, there's a little problem there haha.

My thinking was, getting the student version of pt 10 would allow me to use other usb interfaces, right? (Please,correct me if i'm wrong), and just get maybe, an 8 track peavey usb mixer? Which I was thinking would be great, but looking into the system requirements of pt 10, this is where it starts to fall apart i guess, haha.

So, first off, the computer, i'm not running it off of this computer, I'll post the sandra report as soon as I can if necessary (which I presume it is haha)

One of the main things that I was caught up on, is the soundcard stuff, I'm pretty sure the fast track is used as an external soundcard for pt(?)
So would a usb mixer work?

So my question is, essentially, is it worth buying the student version of pt 10, or do you think it will be too much of hassle to get to run? I'm just not sure if I could buy, confirm the license and bam. I do not know haha.

Cause this is where I would, honestly, appreciate any help you guys could give me, so if you could, any of you, that would be so great :)

Cheers, Calvin

DRC Music 04-11-2012 05:34 PM

Re: Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
Yes Pro Tools 10 will work with the Fast Track just fine

The Peavey "mixer"... is it a control surface or control surface WITH audio interface built in or just a plain ole line mixer?

KFPCalvin 04-12-2012 05:14 AM

Re: Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
Hi, thanks for the reply.
Yes it has an interface built in, or atleast, that's what I took from this article- http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jul1...ypv6pv8usb.htm

benherron.rrr 04-12-2012 07:56 AM

Re: Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
It seems like a lot of new people want to buy mixers. Assuming that the mixer is just a 'plain ole line mixer', having never used a usb mixer before, I'm fairly sure that the audio that is passed through the USB will only give you a summed stereo track, meaning that you will be able to track drums using 8 mics but you will only have 2 audio tracks in pro tools, not 8, if that makes any sense?

I would recommend that you shell out a bit more on an 8+ channel audio interface, it may be a bit more money but it will be better quality and will give you a lot more versatility, check out the Fast Track Ultra 8r (USB), M-audio profire 2626 (firewire), or look at some of the Presonus interfaces.

M-powered will be fine for now but if you plan on taking recording any further I would go out and buy PT 10 native because it will save you money on upgrades in the future and if you get the education version it comes with 3 years free upgrades, at least it did when I bought my upgrade from PT8.

KFPCalvin 04-12-2012 09:37 AM

Re: Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?
Thanks for the replies guys.

Yeah, after looking through reviews and specs, it would just be the stereo that came through.

I'm most likely going to get the pt 10 student version. I think an 8 channel interface is a bit out of my budget at the moment, are there any 4 channel ones you would recommend?

I'm also just wondering, say if I got the student version, would I be able to to just run it straight off, or would it require hardware to function? Or need a dedicated hard drive or anything?

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