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chris.vandeviver 04-28-2016 08:45 PM

Avid Eleven Rack Output to Amp Noise Issue

I'm trying to reamp DI guitar tracks through an amp with it, using the Output to Amp outputs (either 1 or 2) to a Laney head with a 2 x12 cab. When I attempted to use the reamp feature, a tremendous amount of broadband white noise comes through, rendering the reamp useless.

Upon further research, I've plugged my Eleven Rack into a Marshall solid state practice amp and recreated the same issue. To recreate the issue, I only need to plug my Eleven Rack into the amp, via the Output to Amp into the amp's Input. No computer, guitar, or even audio being played necessary. Noise upon connection.

If I turn down the output levels on the Eleven Rack down to a Mute status, the noise does not turn down. It remains constant. If I set the Marshall to its clean channel and crank the volume to max, no noise. If I crank the overdrive volume all the way, but keep the gain at zero, no noise. The moment I bring gain into the picture, noise is introduced.

I have both devices plugged into a Furman power conditioner, and have tested with a Livewire power conditioner as well. I've tested the set up on various outlets throughout the building I work, on various circuits. Even on a brand new line installed. Doesn't matter, still noise. Additionally, I thought the issue was with the specific Eleven rack I owned, so I exchanged it for a different one. Noise still persists.

Just today I bought a Behringer MicroHD HD400 isolation transformer, which did dramatically attenuate the noise. Quieter, but still there.

I've tested the issue with a Fender tube combo, which has noise, but much less. The issue seems to be with high gain situations.

Any ideas? Sorry for the novel, it's been weeks of trying to figure the problem out. I have client work to complete.

Here's an audio clip of the noise:

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