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wildplum 10-17-2018 10:42 PM

Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
My question concerns the ASIO Digidesign Driver, Windows 7 and four programs: Pro Tools HD version 8.1.1, WaveLab 6, RX 6 , and HOFA.

My old machine, a Windows XP machine, died and I got a new (for me) machine running Windows 7. I use a 192 i/o and a 96 i/o connected to a Digidesign HD accel core pcie card. All four of these programs ran fine on the XP machine using the ASIO driver that came with the HD version 8 install CD.

Then I installed the four programs (and their respective license dongles).
Pro Tools HD installed without too much difficulty and runs fine; same with WaveLab.

Both RX6 and HOFA installed and launch just fine. However, neither of them recognize the ASIO Digidesign Driver as a playback option.

I have drawn a total blank on how to fix the problem.
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Neil H 10-18-2018 03:57 AM

Re: Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
Its not going to work, its been a very long in the tooth subject but Avid never showed any interest in fixing it.
You best chance is to get a cheap 3rd party audio interface and wire it to your monitoring for all non PT tasks.

wildplum 10-18-2018 07:46 AM

Re: Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
thank you Neil. Is this a problem unique to windows 7? The same group of 4 programs worked with windows XP. There was a different ASIO digdesign driver involved (I think) but all 4 programs happily shared that driver.

And why does WaveLab work (it successfully uses the Asio digidesign driver in my new environment), but I can not get RX and HOFA to even recognize the driver as present. very strange.

Neil H 10-18-2018 11:54 AM

Re: Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
HD Core/accel were never supported for anything beyond Windows 7 so thats where that hardware ends but FYI yes its still the case if you were to try it.

The problem also exists for HDX and HD Native cards with Windows 7, 8, and 10.
I don't think Avid have shown any interest in their hardware working for anything but PT for many years now.

Why does it work in wavelab? luck that wavelab is a little more tolerant perhaps, either way the situation is not going to chang/improvee as HD TDM hardware is now long out of support and development.

wildplum 10-19-2018 08:51 AM

Re: Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
Neil, one last question if I may, please.

I have an option to replace PT HD 8.1 software with PT HD 9 on my windows 7 machine (same HD accel core, 192 amd 96). Can I expect to have the same problems running non avid soft (e.g., RX) using the ASIO that come with the HD 9 install disc?

BTW, part of the reason I am still on old stuff is that I only use PT for recording and editing; i mix analog.

Thanks again, you have been very helpful.

Neil H 10-19-2018 09:02 AM

Re: Asio driver and non Pro Tools software
Yes I'd expect the same problem from any later version.

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