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Matt Darcy 09-03-2018 01:30 AM

Recording hard disk recommendation time again

it's time to upgrade my recording disk setup in protools to bigger disks, before I buy I thought I'd get some seasoned advice, I saw some older threads on this which made some good suggestions for me to drill down into in a bit more detail here.

my current setup is on a MacBook Pro 15'' good i7 and ram and internal apple storage, so the device itself is fine. It has Thunderbolt 2 connectivity x 2

I use the first connector to connect my monitors together to create a tripple head solution and daisy chain to a USB 3 converter to attach an OWC mercury rack pro

This is a really good setup in raid 5 - I've had excellent performance throughput and never had a problem with pro-tools writing to it.

So option one for this is to swap out my disks for bigger disks - much bigger. 4TB minimum - probably 6TB to give some future proof.

Now there are all classifications of 7200rpm disks with varying levels of cache, including enterprise grade (which I never really buy into having used enterprise disks at work and they never really differ - just supposed to be higher class of testing) function specific disks eg: NAS disks Black performance disks, and other gimmicks.

Beyond as much cache as possible and 7200rpm - is there any disk product that is recommended with pro-tools of 4 - 6TB size that I can replace my other disks with.

Option 2

buy a thunderbolt 2 SSD disk (like a little 2.5'' chassis disk) of 1TB in size, and use this as "local pro-tools storage" and just sync the track / data I want from the slower disk for real time use. eg: have 3TB's of data on slow disk, I want to work on song X, sync the data from song X from the 3TB storage and put it on the 1TB ssd, work it, sync it back.

Would thunderbolt 2 allow me to get the maximum benifit of an SSD (paper suggests yes, but what about reality ?) would pro-tools really benifit from an SSD in this way, or should I just stick recording straight to USB3 over thunderbolt 2 with the OWC raid array.

Advice please.

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