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Postman 11-01-2016 01:58 PM

A little help please PTHD and video
So, I've been happily running PT on HDX for years, win and mac. I hope to run the Win 7 HDX 12.6 HD software without an HDX card but for now a card is installed and working fine with video when I set the playback engine to use it. Absolutely no issues with full movie sessions.

Today I set the playback engine to use the internal sound card, not HDX. Audio only works fine. When I try to playback with video I instantly get "The Video Engine reported an error". I can drag the playback cursor around and video follows perfectly. I can scrub an audio track and video follows perfectly. But when I press play, error. Doesn't matter size of session or number of tracks.

I think this should work but cannot find a solution yet. Any ideas?

added: I forgot to mention, this is with DNxHD video 29.97. It doesn't matter what quality setting is used on the video track either

Brandonx1 11-04-2016 11:34 AM

Re: A little help please PTHD and video
Hi Postman!
I am guessing the internal sound card you are using has non optimal drivers. Have you tried asio4all? It basically bridges the internal sound card driver with a asio driver. I have noticed better performance with asio4all than with lets say a realtek driver.

Another thing you can try is setting the video play start latency higher in the preferences. I have noticed this helps a lot with video errors.

Good luck

Postman 12-07-2016 12:30 PM

Re: A little help please PTHD and video
Finally got back to this issue. Today I installed 12.4.0 and had exactly the same problem. Also 12.6.1 same problem. And, again, HDX playback engine works perfectly. Problem happens when using Windows audio devices instead of HD

I have not installed assio4all, not yet anyway. Yes, realtek driver for the internal speaker. Same issue when trying to output audio through nvidea's hdmi ports. Doesn't seem like an audio driver problem, though, since the error occurs before a single frame of video is played out. I don't know.

I'm out of time today, will play some more at another time. Any further advice for me?

Neil H 01-01-2017 05:08 PM

Re: A little help please PTHD and video
Neither realtek or nvidia HDMI are supported playback devices afaik in general no built in audio devices have had suitable performance to be supportable on windows on the same way they are on mac with core audio , ASIO4ALL or VB audio voice meter are the only options I would expect to work, I suspect the realtek and nvidia drivers you are seeing are probably waveRT/wasapi which doesn't really work despite the specs saying they should .

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Postman 01-05-2017 02:40 PM

Re: A little help please PTHD and video
Thanks to you both, you guys nailed it. Asio4all! Full session with video now plays as it should without HDX hardware.



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