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Howardk 08-04-2020 08:57 PM

Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
My studio computer is used by others, so I wish to have alternate User IDs. . . however since I upgraded awhile ago Pro Tools Crashes on startup under the other users, but works fine under my original user account. I have tried new User Accounts, both as Admin and Standard, and so far Pro Tools crashes on startup every time. I presume something is missing that has to be reinstalled after creating a new user.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.5, Mojave, Mac Pro 5,1

Hoping for advice/shortcuts.

Thanks. . .

Darryl Ramm 08-04-2020 09:30 PM

Re: Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
This should work without you needing to do anything. Certainly works for me on Mojave and 2020.5.

Are you holding down N and picking the correct interface as Pro Tools starts?

When does it crash? Just opening Pro Tools (what is showing on the startup splash screen just before it crashes?)

..Or does it fail when you try to open an existing session? What happens if they try to open a new session?

Try trashing Pref with PT Prefs running as those new users, (yes even though they are new accounts).

The good news is Pro Tools is back to human readable logs so you can look for the log in /Users/<username>/Library/Logs/Avid

See if the contents of the log (Pro_Tools_*.txt) files give a clue.

Not getting sorted out easily... you can try a reinstall of Pro Tools. And if that does not work that is where you may start to suspect the macOS install is hosed... especially of you have been doing in-situ upgrades to the OS.

Darryl Ramm 08-04-2020 09:49 PM

Re: Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
And not that it will necessarily cause a Pro Tools startup crash but make sure your new users accounts have local storage on the macOS boot drive. There have been a few folks getting into problems by having home directories shared to iCloud. A bad bad idea.

Sardi 08-04-2020 09:52 PM

Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
Darryl is right to check what interface it’s selecting.

Not long ago, I had a new install of PT on one of my MBPs and I had been playing around with odd sample rates and different interfaces. Upon trying to run PT off the internal sound card, I was getting constant crashes. Turns out it was a ridiculously low sample rate that I had to change on the inbuilt soundcard of the Mac via Audio/MIDI utility.

Again, as Darryl has pointed out, the user account should work fine without any additional changes.

Definitely look at your Playback engine and settings.

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Howardk 08-20-2020 10:44 AM

Re: Multiple Users - Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
Hi Guys

Thanks for the insights... sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

I haven’t had any guests recently so it is not currently a burning issue, but I do wish to resolve this, and have a shared/general User ID that works, so I can let others use the Studio Pro Tools/2 x HDX/EB7 system without access to my private info, auto-browser logins etc... have been working fine with my original User ID on that computer. . .

I was hoping it was the interface selection issue, but holding the ‘n” key did not help avert the crash.

I will keep the iCloud sharing desktop:/user directory issue in mind.

I will look into the other suggestions further, but to answer Darryl’s question, I get the Pro Tools splash screen on startup, and it proceeds to start going thru the Plugins for about 5 minutes and then the “Pro Tools has quit unexpectedly” screen comes up. The splash screen is partially visible behind, but then disappears... I can see “Loading Plugins: T-Racks CS Quad Image” as the last task below, albeit that might be a coincidence. I presume this long scan of Plugins, is because it is the first time thru on this user ID. I am curious how long I need to hold the “n” key... it is a long wait, lol. BTW, this was a fresh install on Mojave about 18 months ago, using PT 2019-6 and I just recently upgraded to 2020-5 and did a minor update to the .6 version of Mojave.

Thanks for your help... please let me know of any further thoughts, otherwise I will follow earlier suggestions when I get a chance.

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