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therecordinghouse 07-14-2006 07:08 AM

002r and hearback system
i am just wondering what the best way to hook up my hearback system to my 002r. in case you are not familiar with the hearback, it is an 8 channel personal mixing system (up to 8 separate mixers) similar to the aviom systems. it has lightpipe in, and analog in. i would like to go lightpipe out of my 002r into it. do i just use aux sends to sent whatever channel to a channel on the hearback? this is what i used to do with motu cuemix, didnt know if you guys would know of a better way..

therecordinghouse 07-14-2006 07:11 AM

Re: 002r and hearback system
also, am i correct in thinking low latency mode will not work with the adat outs?

EAR 07-15-2006 05:40 PM

Re: 002r and hearback system
This is what I do:

Digi 002 > Hearback ADAT Inputs

Digi 002 ADAT Outs routed as follows:

ADAT Outs 1-2 = Full Band Cue Mix

ADAT Out 3 = Bass Guitar

ADAT Out 4 = Gtr, Steel, Fiddle, or mono keys

ADAT Outs 5-6 = Keys or A Gtrs(If there are no keys during tracking I send A gtrs to ADAT 5-6 so that I can pan them Left/Right if the guitarist doubles his parts)

ADAT Out 7 = Scratch Vox

ADAT Out 8 = Click and Talkback mics. (On some sessions there are footswitchable talkback mics for each player that doesn't have a mic in his/her immediate proximity).

I display Sends E and Sends J. Sends J is used for the Full Band Cue Mix and Send E is used for the More Me Mixes. BTW, I bus all of my drum tracks to a stereo aux and then sendthe drums to the cue mixes from the aux. This way I know what the drum mix sounds like to the players. If there a drastic differences in dynamics from song to song I just have to push one send up/down or adjust the grouped drum kit faders up/down to control the level of the drums to the cues.

I'm not sure about the Low Latency Mode issue. If you find out maybe you can let us know. I won't be in front of a Digi 002 for a week.

therecordinghouse 07-18-2006 04:59 AM

Re: 002r and hearback system
you cannot use the adat outs in low latency mode. all aux sends are muted. seems silly. the only way low latency mode works is for 18 inputs routed directly to outs 1-2. you cannot buss drums, then route to 1-2 either. all inputs have to be assigned directly to 1-2. oh well.

are you able to acheive 64 samples per buffer while recording multiple tracks? i am recording 12 tracks, and it seems like i have to leave it on 256.

GenerationM 07-20-2006 09:00 AM

Re: 002r and hearback system
Here's how I have it set up...

Digi 002R
Digimax LT Preamp
Behringer 4-Channel Headphone Amp

On the back of the 002R, I have one set of monitor outputs feeding my Genelecs, the other set of redundant monitor outputs I have feeding the main input of my monitor amp. This way, all the headphone mixes get the full monitor mix.

Inside each PT Session, I have four master fader tracks routed to 4 of the analog outputs on the rear of the 002R. In my case it's Analog 3,4,7 & 8. Each of the outputs on the 002R is routed to channels 1-4, respectively on my headphone amp. This completes the physical connections.

Back inside the PT session file, any track that I would like to route to a headphone output, I set up as a send, routing it to any of the Analog Outputs. So on any given track, I may have up to four sends for each of my headphone mixes. The only problem that I find with this, is that in PT 6.x, it only leaves one send left for other uses. PT 7.x gets around this by adding the 5 additional sends.

This configuration allows for the full mix through the headphones, and a little bit of the 'more me' as well. I credit Chris from TBRStudio.com ('IntelDoc' here on the DUC) for his method...it works great.


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