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ChuckS 10-24-2011 12:36 PM

Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
In the reference, the section on low latency monitoring states (if I get this correctly) that you can use low latency monitoring with any record armed tracks routed to Output 1 and 2. My question is what exactly is output 1 and 2? Is it phyiscal output as provided the core audio driver? Say in the case of my 828mk3 analog 1 and 2 are the first outputs available from the core audio driver. Or is it a logical mapping? Again, in the case of my 828mk3 I use the S/PDIF outs as my mains. If I simply move those outs to the top of the ouput and/or bus mappings, do they become output 1 and 2? Any help appreciated.

ChuckS 10-25-2011 07:51 PM

Re: Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
Really . . . no takers. In PT9, I don't have an Output 1 or 2 in the I/O setup for my 828mk3 interface - even after clicking default on all of the I/O tabs. How does LLM work in PT10 with third party interfaces. Is it fixed on whatever pair comes first from core audio, defined as whatever you select as your default outputs or whatever you move to the top of the I/O selections? Any or all of the above? LLM 3rd party is new in PT 10 and a question that needs to be answered before upgrading. TIA

RonB456 11-20-2011 07:27 PM

Re: Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
i'm still looking for an answer to the low latency thing with third party soundcard, why is it so hard to find an answer to this?

ondruspat 11-21-2011 12:05 PM

Re: Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
I'm not sure (as I have an 002 running PT8) but I'm pretty sure that LLM is related only to Avid/Digidesign hardware. To be honest I record at my lowest buffer settings and never use it...

The Dougfather 11-22-2011 03:59 AM

Re: Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
In all fairness, any who has used an Avid interface in the past, who now uses a third party interface will find the term 'Low Latency Monitoring' misleading.

In the case of third party interfaces, all Pro Tools does is disable software monitoring, send and inserts for record enabled tracks assigned to output 1-2. The monitoring then needs to be switched on in cuemix etc.

I have an 828mk3 also and would be interested to know this, best thing is for one of us to try it. Theoretically, the default outputs are assigned in the motu audio setup app, if this was changed to main out 1-2, SPDIF 1-2 etc it might be with hitting default in the i/o tab to see if Pro Tools updates the i/o ad hoc.

jasonthurley 11-23-2011 01:53 PM

Re: Question low latency monitoring on 3rd party gear?
If you open up Pro Tools I/O and you select outputs and then select the 1st two outputs can you send them to the Digital out from there instead of the defaualt main outputs? This would be how I would set up a normal in/out path and generally can choose what outputs 1 and 2 actually come out of my hardware from here.

I also know with MOTU it comes with the mixer software so you can assign inputs to go dirextly out of each output with individual volume for every input your hardware has built in.

Good Luck

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