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fmbighair 03-23-2004 12:14 PM

Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or bad?
Hello, I am new here. I just bought a Pro Tools Digi 002 Rack system and a Apple G4 powerbook "12. It is my only computer so I will be using it for my audio/video stuff (mostly pro tools right now) but will also use it for the Internet to download stuff, word processing, etc...

Now, I have heard that if your doing audio that thats all you should use the computer for because the internet browser software (internet explorer, Netscape, etc) can possibly corrupt some of the audio files or something like that?...Or maybe that I would run the risk of downloading a virus and infecting my audio files ?.....

So I am wondering if I can get away with using Pro Tools and other audio stuff on my powerbook and use the internet as well and not run the risk of potentially infecting or currupting audio stuff?...I wish I had enouph money right now to get a computer for each, but i don't....

I think it should be alright to do both, but have heard otherwise...I figured I would ask around first before I go ahead and buy a virus protection software for 100 bucks and install internet explorer....

ANY info would be appreciated, thanks

newdawg 03-23-2004 12:41 PM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
fm, I won't speak about your laptop config., many other more experienced users here that may want to help you get situated. I would highly recommend external storage for your audio files. I have all apps, including PT on 1 volume. I surf and download many hours per week and never had any problems.

I've been using an 001 for several years and multi-task on my desktop mac with many non-audio apps. I do have a dedicated drive for recording, a definite must have. I run 10.2.8 with PT 6.2.1. I did find that PT 6 had Apple Sleep disabled, with no notice in the PT user guide, which was a real hassle for me. Jim at xmidi wrote an app. called DigiSleep which allows you to have sleep when running non-audio tasks, and selectively disable it for Pro Tools (it requires a restart). Otherwise your machine will run on like the Energizer bunny. Good luck.

antiphase 03-23-2004 12:49 PM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
i have always had DSL while using all my audio/video/graphics apps and never had conflicting issues.

lexicon5 03-23-2004 12:56 PM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or bad?
Internet Explorer is not needed. Safari will work for 99% of the sites out there. The other 1% can be spoofed into thinking you are running IE 6.0 for Windows and will then magically work.
As for Virus protection, Virex works rather well....
Since there are no known viruses that affect Mac OS X yet, the benefit right now is none.
A hardware firewall would be a nice add to your setup...they are inexpensive and easy to set up.
For more info, head over to http://www.broadbandreports.com/forum/macdsl

shareec70 03-23-2004 01:16 PM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or bad?
I've been running it all on one machine since I've been using ProTools on a mac. Please note that I'm new and only doing singer/songwriter stuff that doesn't have a lot of tracks, but I've had no issues. Because my sessions and studio setup is only for me and not real formal, I'll even do occasional internet browsing, word processing, etc while having protools open if I need take a break to get the creative juices flowing again.

I will second the comment on an external firewire drive for storing your audio files.

Have fun and enjoy!

where02190 03-23-2004 02:37 PM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
You definitely want a second physical drive for audio files, you'll create and save all your PT sessions to this, typically Firewire for a laptop.

Macs are very unsuseptable to virus', since they are written for windows, not macs. I've never heard of anyone getting a virus on a Mac. thos creeps writing virus' want ot do the msot damage, and we're too small a portion of the puta world for them to bother with.

I disagree with not needing IE, Safari doen't work with alot of websites, and there are many posts addressing this issue across the net.

Our G-4 is always connected to the net, we've never had a problem. In OS9/PT5.2.1, we have a specific set of extensions and control panels that are loaded when running PT for optimiazation. In OSX Panther/PT6, there's so much gas the machien doesn't even twitch when we jump from the net to PT to Photoshop to whatever...I've yet to choke the machine running Panther, and god knows I've tried!!!!!!

fmbighair 03-30-2004 11:57 AM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
Thanks sooo much for the great advice, this forum is awesome!

It sounds like a lot of people recamend a second firewire drive for the pro tools stuff...so what your saying is that i would install the pro tools software to this external drive rather than the one in the laptop?...

Also wondering whats the reason for a second external drive?...Is it because the 40 g one in my powerbook will run out quick because of space or is it due to the fact that the audio files should be separate from where the other files reside?....I don't have an external firewiere drive yet, so should i partition the drive on my laptop and install the pro tools software on that drive and do all pro tools stuff on that particular partition only?....

As far as the virus stuff: I was thinking about getting the Norton Antivirus for Mac for $60. I know theres other internet/virus protection out there as well, just wondering if i should consider Norton Utilities or Norton Internet Security?...I do a lot of downloading from sites like Kaza and band websites n stuff and concerned about stuff like that...I have a feeling that the Norton Antivirus alone would be fine?...

There's also one of those "auto fix" software available called Tech Tool Pro 4.0 for $89; just wondering if you recamend one of those?...

Maybe, i am being a bit too cautious?...It's just that i paid a lot for this new Pro Tools set up and want to keep it running as efficient and safe as possible...plus i really have no experience with Macs...lol

Again, anyone that could offer any advice would be VERY appreciated! And to all of you that have already, thanks a lot!...take care

JLMarechal 03-31-2004 01:55 AM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
Don't install any antivirus, because usually, it's very heavy (and risky) on system performance and there are usually no virus on Macintosh. If your mail comes from a good access provider, your email will be checked and virus free; The PC virus don't work on Macintosh.

You have a firewall included in MacOS X, just enable it and that's it ! You'll be able to check your system if you go to the Symantec Security Check so you'll can see for yourself.

I've never had any problem while using ProTools and being connected to the net at the same time.

where02190 03-31-2004 04:44 AM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or
All applications get installed on the system drive. You create sessions and save them to your dedicated audio drive. You get better performance from a dedicated audio drive because your system drive does not have to work getting information commands form the application and then seek the files to apply them to, it can receive the commands and excecute them at the same time basically sinc eit has two separate drive surfaces to scan simultainiously. A drive can only scan one area at a time on a single drive.

Do NOT install any Norton software on a MAc, run it only from the dics. I and many others have seen Norton on a Mac do permanent damage to data.

There is really no need for antivirus for the Mac. We are 5% of the market, not worth the virus writer scum to bother with, as they want to do the msot damage they can, and that is on the windows platform.

Techtool Pro is nice, but not really necessary in OSX. the best maintainence you can do is to occaisionally reinitialize your drives to defrag when they bedcome sluggish.

as always, have two copies of everything, as nothing is backed up til it's backed up twice. FWIW, we use a Firedock system for backing up our G-4 files.

JLMarechal 03-31-2004 06:23 AM

Re: Pro Tools & Internet on same computer,good or

Do NOT install any Norton software on a MAc, run it only from the dics

I forgot !

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