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undadogz 12-22-2018 11:59 PM

Muddy mix
Hello not sure if i am allowed to post this here but i have been struggling a bit with translation poor headphone quality
at the moment i am using
mac pro 12 core
3x digi 192 audio and digital outs
1x ssl sigma
1core pcie 2accel
Yamaha Hs 5
Digi control 24

Headphones i have coming aux out ssl sigma via db25 to 8 trs only using 1+2 into mackie hm 800 headphone amp then hm 800 outputs x8 to patchbay in then headphones are directly connected to the patchbay outputs is this correct setup ...it works but sounds very muddy ? i use to come me out of the control 24 aux send but same problem
very muddy ...
as for the translation from mixing monitors to car speakers sound great but i struggle with any other format very bottom heavy and mid i have adjusted the db + - to see if it helps on the monitors but still struggling i have put a little no to a example hope that is ok if not then i will delete the link ...many thanks for any advice

albee1952 12-23-2018 10:01 AM

Re: Muddy mix
The linked video sounds fine to me. So it seems its only headphones that sound muddy? That could be a few things;
1-crappy headphones(you didn't mention brand or model)
2-crappy headphone amp(never used the Mackie, but am very happy with the ART HeadAmp 6 Pro)
3-high-impedance(600 ohm) headphones driven by an amp designed for low impedance(8-32 ohm) phones
4-clipped signal feeding the headphone amp

How are you feeding the headphone amp? Does it get the main mix or are you using sends? I would use sends and this would allow you to insert a master track for the send, and insert an EQ plugin to try an compensate(this is grasping at straws because I think something else is to blame):o

undadogz 12-23-2018 11:56 AM

Re: Muddy mix
Hi thank you so much for replying ..I use to send a stereo signal from the aux sends on the control 24 to the headphone amp ..i could send diff mixes to headphone amp via aux sends to headphones but since i purchased a ssl sigma i take my sends from the aux output on the ssl to the headphone amp its a main out i have yamaha replica ns10s headphones either way it’s a rubbish sound in the headphones :) I do not use headphones to mix ..i use the hs50 s

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