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DonaldM 02-14-2020 12:15 PM

Re: Record an orchestra

Originally Posted by JFreak (Post 2552833)
Orchestral music is rarely performed against constant tempo. It fluctuates, which means using seconds in main meter. I believe seconds are same length for each song, aren't they :cool:

That depends on how fast you're traveling while recording! :D

DetroitT 02-17-2020 09:20 AM

Re: Record an orchestra
1 large session for tracking (keep all at sample base)
Most composers have feel tempos plus engineering needs to keep consistent take and pickup tempo/ meters. (Make detail accuracies in post)
Have a click (no accent) tap during rundown record then off as a pre count reference.
Or score markings (allegro=132 bpm) Leave space between sections.
Adding meter ID+ Can bring start for pre-count measure to 1
Could go on...
For me I stay linear and use playlist duplicate for every part (group all)
Clean up later.

chris.d 02-26-2020 02:27 PM

Re: Record an orchestra
as soon as overdubs are an option i try to have 1 session per song.
overdubs call for playlists pretty fast. (can we just quickly redo section C with the 1st violins only? o wait, let's use it as a double) an there goes your template...

add playlists and groups, occasionally add a few tracks and do that on a all-songs-in-one-session and desaster is near. if you add a track to a group that already had playlists, funky things can happen when changing playlist...

i recently got a session of a piano trio to mix that was build in this manner. 340 ***ing tracks, for a jazz TRIO!!!:eek::eek::mad::confused:
with mutes, deactivated, cryptic tracks, takes, playlists allover the ***ing place. it took me 1 day and a few phone-calls and session-pics mailed accros the globe to get this sorted so that i eventually could START mixing.

It takes less than 1 minute or the time to properly tune a violin to do a SAVE AS, hit CMD SHIFT A, CMD SHIFT B and remove all markers and you are ready to go.

originalscottyg 03-25-2020 11:31 AM

Re: Record an orchestra
I have definitely used the Bar 1 then Bar 101 (or 1001) then Bar 201 (or 2001), etc. for each cue. This requires the session to be setup that way in the first place, but can work quite well.

Another option would be to "Renumber Bars" each time you jump to another cue/song.

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