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vjk 08-03-2007 02:17 AM

SETTING LEVELS...Unity Gain..?
Can anyone point me in the right direction for info about setting "unity gain..?" levels for my Home Studio?

I'm using ProTools M-Powered on a PC / Windows XP Pro with an M-Audio Delta 1010-Lt soundcard going into a Yamaha MG 16/4 desk and then into Behringer active monitor speakers.

The Behringers have treble / bass cut switches on the back, as well as a switch to tune the overall sound to the room, and they also have an "output" level control on each speaker so you can reduce the overall level.

The problem is that I'm not sure how to get a good setting between the PC audio / Delta 1010 card / Yamaha desk / and Behringer monitors. Where do I start.

I've been working with the setup for a few months, and basically I have to keep the output faders quite low, to the point that I hardly get a reading on the desk meters...are you confused yet?

It's not that I can't hear things....more to the contrary. I'd like to know the proper way to get the optimum levels set.

Any suggestions appreciated in advance...

moxam 08-03-2007 11:13 AM

Re: SETTING LEVELS...Unity Gain..?
Well... the only thing to really say is that "unity gain" is a relative thing. Unity gain on consumer gear (often called -10), is much weaker that unity gain on pro gear (often called +4).

Here's what I suggest for your setup:

In your 1010-lt control software, set all outputs and inputs to "+4 dBu."

Connect either the REC OUT or the ST OUT outputs from the mixer to the 1010lt's inputs. Your choice will probably depend on which connector is most convenient: XLR, TRS, or RCA.

Connect the outputs of your 1010-lt to the 2TR IN inputs on your mixer.

Connect the C-R OUT outputs (control room outputs) on your mixer to the inputs on your Behringer monitors.

Using the control room outputs from the Yamaha mixer will give you volume control that is independent of the Main faders. That way, you can run your faders at unity gain, see accurate metering for the audio going back into the computer via the ST OUT or REC OUT, and have independent volume control for your speakers.

A limitation of your mixer is that it has the volume control for both headphones and control room outputs on the same knob. I suggest powering your Behringer monitors from a separate power bar so that you can easily switch them off when you only want to listen through headphones.

If you still find that the volume control is too "touchy," you can always turn down the "input trim" on your speakers. Or "Output" control on the speakers. (whatever Behringer has decided to call it)

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