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deadshot 10-07-2014 08:40 AM

AAE -9173 Issues
I also put this thread in the HD Native thread as well

Now I know there have been tons of threads on this and I've read through many of them over the past 3-4 days but this is absolutely unacceptable that Avid releases a product that ultimatly can't be used.

I wish i could say that I'm running old software or wrong OS or cheap plugs but I'm not. I'm running the latest in OSX, I have 32g of ram, I'm running the latest versions of Waves and McDSP (BTW was on with them when they were installed so there would not be any installation issues) and I still getting the Error of:

"ProTools ran out of CPU power. Try de-activating or removing native plugins (AAE-9173)"

Whats funny is that , There not one plug running in the session, I've removed them all from the folder and I'm getting this error. Again I state, NOTHING is in the Session but Audio

I'd say it was my mac but it's not, this is my machine:

Apple Mac Pro 12-core 2.4GHz
two Intel Xeon E5645 processors,
32GB of installed memory (expandable up to 64GB),
four FireWire 800 ports,
five USB 2.0 ports
Running OS X 10.9.5

So what's the answer Avid? How about my money back? or better yet FREE Avid Support on your products?

deadshot 10-07-2014 08:46 AM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
oh and before someone goes and posts this, It all been done and checked as required by Avid, Now what?


writeroxie 10-07-2014 11:40 AM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
It's sad how long this issue has gone unfixed. Protools 11 has been out for over a year, right? Crazy. I had this same issue when I was on 11.1.3. Since updating to 11.2, now I only have to enjoy 9173's occasionally during online bounces like many others. I'll say it again, Avid should be giving all 11 owners a free upgrade to 12, since they never quite got 11 right. We're all beta testers.

CygnusX-1Bk2 10-07-2014 05:24 PM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
Ideascale bug is here:

Not under review yet. Only 36 votes in the month since I opened the bug. Was hoping there would be a fix by AES at least. I can't make it this year but I wish I could.

amazingrugs318 10-07-2014 08:21 PM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
It is beyond frustrating. For what we are required to pay, Pro Tools is quite possibly one of the worst programed pieces of "professional" software I've ever used. The -9173 errors with HD Native are constant and crippling, killing any flow you might be feeling during a session.

Worse are the "support" documents, that have you go through a basic checklist that we've all gone over multiple times with no end to the errors.

Even worse than that?

The many members of this "community" who swear it is all due to user error, and has nothing to do with the Pro Tools software.

"Its your plugins, man. Try a different order. You have to put the cheese before the meat, ya know what I'm saying!???"

"What OS version are you on? Could be that. Oh, you completely formatted your hard drive, did a fresh install of the latest supported OS and only the latest version of Pro Tools, but you're still getting the errors. Oh and you're running a session with two stereo tracks and no plugins? Hmmm, must be something you did wrong."

"Were you chewing gum when you got the errors? You were??? Its your fault then."

Pro Tools is like an over sensitive teenager who crumbles and bursts out in tears when told to take out the garbage. Well guess what?

Time for Avid to take out the trash and fix this bug ridden cesspool they call a DAW.

Endless waiting...

rwhitney 10-07-2014 10:45 PM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
This problem went away for a while, now it's on again. "AAE-9173 CPU ran out of power..." Running PT 11.2.1 with iMac 27 running OS 10.9.5.

jradway 10-08-2014 05:08 AM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
Has anyone had their usage meter open when these -9173s happen?

I've noticed on mine that its a single core thats maxing out. and yes, i've got "dynamic plugin processing" engaged

screen grab: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b2...01at161600.png

Tobias Eichelberg 10-08-2014 11:16 AM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
I get this one too. I startet getting this somewhere around Pro Tools 11.2 I think. With a buffer size of 256 and higher I rarely get this, with lower buffer very often though, CPU usage under 10%. It's really annoying. Exactly like in the days of Logic 9.0! I tried to hunt it down back then - plugin compatibility, OS, clean install...whatever. Eventually Apple got rid of it. I'm not willing to beta test for AVID (or Apple) again. Free updates for Pro Tools 11 until this is sorted please!


ronwasserman 10-08-2014 04:05 PM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
Get this: http://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home...ing-prefe.html and delete all your prefs etc. for PT. PITA I know. But after you set things up again, then back up the nice clean version of prefs with the same app.

Make sure PT is NOT running when you launch the app.

deadshot 10-08-2014 09:07 PM

Re: AAE -9173 Issues
So I've been on the phone twice now with senior tech people at avid. They both went through my system via remote, removed my plugs, did the whole nine yards and it's still doing it, not only that, now other sessions are freezing during playback. I will be on the phone again tomorrow and everyday until it's fixed. The techs have been great, they know there's an issue but I don't think they know what's causing it. Just when you think it's one thing and happens again. I'm basically dead in the water until this gets resolved. It's not going to be pretty when I lose a customer(s) over this. This is a business not hobby and when your business model revolves around what's supposed to be the leader in the industry and they can't even resolve an issue in a timely manner and address its customers needs with a reliable product someone needs to be held accountable. I think resignation of the ceo would suffice or maybe the whole dev team needs the axe.

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