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sowattmusic 11-15-2012 12:38 AM

CORE AUDIO Driver please...
Well, we all know that the Core Audio driver for Pro Tools HD Native, Pro Tools HD Legacy and Pro Tools HDX is a major issue and is currently not reliable enough to be used in a professional environment..

To me it is more than a wish to see AVID work on their Core Audio drivers for HD Native and HDX cards.
AVID must understand that regular Core Audio applications are part of many professional workflows even though we all love Pro Tools.

As an example, in our studio we work with:
Pro Tools as the main mixing software
Logic audio (a lot of clients compose on this platform)
Wave Editor
Media composer 6
Final Cut Pro
Many Adobe Application like audition, Premiere and After effect that all rely on a quality Core Audio Driver.
I WOULD LOVE TO USE ONE AND ONLY HD Native CORE AUDIO DRIVER for all !!!! Currently we need third party audio cards like RME or MOTU that have very highly efficient Core Audio drivers for their cards. That means we waste a slot in Mac Pros for a second audio card in each system.

The bottom line is that most audio card manufacturers have worked on very efficient Core Audio Drivers (Multiclient, low latency). What is the problem with AVID?

I would be more than happy if an AVID programmer could explain why it is so much harder to write a proper Multiclient Core Audio driver for AVID audio cards and especially the HD Native that has no proprietary audio processing and mixing inside like TDM and HDX have.
i suspect there are issues with legacy hardware and the nature of TDM, but current HD native PCIe cards should not be very different from other manufacturer's typical soundcards I guess.

sowattmusic 11-25-2012 02:23 AM

Re: CORE AUDIO Driver please...

VRW 11-25-2012 04:18 AM

Re: CORE AUDIO Driver please...
The CORE DRIVER, omg, yes, and thatīs def not only a HD Native, HD legacy etc. issue but has been a really 003(R) problem since PT10. Actually it temporarily had been working for the period of one update version (10.3.1) but went down on the latest (10.3.2) again. Itīs well said that itīs not used in most cases to substitute PT itself but for important other stages in the music production process as mastering or reference etc. If we will be able to use the Core Driver for the other apps too, I guess, there will be no reason for us ever to buy other non Avid audio interfaces which could lead us finally to use other DAWs too. To me personally there def ainīt a better DAW than PT out there but if I would finally have to buy another audio interface e.g. from Apogee, RME etc., just to make the mastering and reference stuff work (interfaces which are originally made to work better with other DAWs, Logic with Apogee for example), I seriously would consider finally to change to Logic too. Just to have a complete reliable professionally working system. And I would not wait for any future Avid hardware when I would have to use the other apps at that time.
But I have written many threads concerning this subject already, just hoping, Avid will not forget about us! :-) Also because me actually love Avid stuff, from Hardware to PT! We will see.
Thanks for listening, all the best everybody,

cheers, VRW

sowattmusic 11-26-2012 02:07 AM

Re: CORE AUDIO Driver please...
You're right VRW,
What I would really like is for someone at AVID to tell us what the issue is. Why other manufacturers all have pretty powerful Core Audio drivers while AVID cannot figure it out.
I might understand t was a problem when OS X first came out but it should definitely not be an issue anymore now...
But probably AVID programmers cannot openly discuss that subject...

KMcK 11-26-2012 09:41 AM

Re: CORE AUDIO Driver please...
Avid / Digidesign's CoreAudio drivers have always been bad for as long as they've attempted to make them going back at least 5 years. Your system will always be better off if you avoid installing them.

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