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XHipHop 05-23-2001 11:33 AM

Spirit Digital 328 as I/O w/ Adat Bridge
This setup would be much cheaper than 2 888/24s. Does anyone do this?

Also, since there is a lot of talk about the PT Mixer Bus being not so good, how does the 328 mixer sound overall?

Two of these might be the right answer for me...hmmmm...


REDD 37 05-24-2001 01:22 AM

Re: Spirit Digital 328 as I/O w/ Adat Bridge
Works great for me. I had the spirit 328 before I went to Protools so was not coming from the 'protools mixer sounds bad' angle yet I have always preferred the sound of faders at unity in pt and mixing through the 328.

There are some restrictions though - only 16 optical adat inputs and 4 aux sends. I have been thinking about a second ADAT bridge + RME to feed the 16 analog ins....

Nothing wrong with the sound quality of the 328 IMHO. I got a psx-100 for AD/DA am glad I went this route instead of 2 * 888/24s .

XHipHop 05-24-2001 08:32 AM

Re: Spirit Digital 328 as I/O w/ Adat Bridge
Does the psx-100 allow you to get all 16 channels in and out?

i'm not familiar w/ apogee stuff so i'm not sure if that's what you were saying. If not, can you describe what roll the psx-100 is playing in your setup?


REDD 37 05-24-2001 08:48 AM

Re: Spirit Digital 328 as I/O w/ Adat Bridge
Hi bob,

I use the psx-100 for two-track AD conversion -> ADAT bridge via AES/EBU.

PT outputs 16 tracks to Spirit 328 via adat opticals. I send the mix back to the psx-100 for super quality DA monitoring and for the ability to stick an analog insert chain whilst mastering / mixing. (that is another limitation of the spirit 328 - no master analog inserts).

You don't need the psx-100 but it does improve the sound quality on any AD/DA conversions . I also clock everything - ADAT bridge / 328 / outboard from the Psx-100 (Superclock) which has a superior spec clock.

You can link 2 328's together for more digital ins/outs. I don't particularly recommend the built in dynamics and eq.

This setup has been exceptionally smooth for the last two years.

trust that helps

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